2019 Web Design in Dublin Update

We are growing and expanding in 2019 and beyond


As an agency specialising in web design in Dublin, we are glad to report that we are growing and expanding in 2019 and beyond. This year alone we have already expanded our specialist staff by headhunting and hiring excellent additional team members and have just moved into a bigger and better office space too!


Understanding our Team

One of our professional pride points is that we have dedicated team members and staff with clear and defined roles. This means that they can indulge their passions and keep their interests rooted in what they love most – channeling all of their education, experience and energy into what they are best at. Due to this structure, we are able to divide our services into their own departments which all work together to bring your dream designs to life while adding value to your business at every touchpoint.




The website and app design and development department consists of our team members who either design or develop. Rather than overlap these two distinctly different roles, we chose to invest in the best talent who are focused on the best results. Our designers and developers are in near constant contact – working from the same page to keep your business goals in focus. Our branding department comprises of graphic designers, photographers, videographers and visual design specialists who can create custom branding for you including the likes of logos, colour schemes, business cards, banners, icons and so much more. Working with our web and app designers, they turbocharge both your online and offline presence with a stunning and memorable visual impact. Mobilising your website and / or branding then is our digital marketing department.

The staff here are educated and experienced in the full marketing mix with an emphasis on content creation and dissemination, copywriting and overall strategy. Lastly then, our team also combine to form an overall support department that can help you with issues that may crop up across the spectrum of your online presence including website plugins and updates, SEO performance and more.


web design in dublin image of webbiz office foyer showing three floors and stairs and glass balconies


Our new Office

Webbiz is now based in the stunning Classon House in the Dundrum Business Park, Dublin 14. Unit 25 is our new and modern home as our team has grown and the amount of clients we meet (and who come to meet us) have steadily increased. You can come to discuss your needs with us and can see the team at work, meet with them and plan your project in our glass meeting room which is surrounded by picturesque views of beautiful Dublin. From views of the sea at Howth to the Spire on O’Connell Street, we are proud to be an agency specialising in web design in Dublin – in tandem with being able to fulfil your app design, branding, digital marketing and support needs!


Web Design in Dublin

So if you are looking for a custom website to be designed and deployed by an agency who specialise in this – we can help. Webbiz are also proud to offer app design and development, branding, digital marketing and support services too so that we can go beyond the basic to add value to your business. Click / Tap here to contact us or complete the form below to begin.

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