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Web Designer & Developer Position 

Full Stack Web Developer and / or Web Designer Job (WordPress)

Location Independent based on communication and timeline.


We are based in Dublin and Lithuania

You are experienced, you are self-managing and you are a genius at website development and you are searching for a Web Designer Job.You love all things web-related and you want a new challenge. You are looking to move to the next level and be part of a team in a busy Digital Agency. Our aim is to grow its web department into an award-winning profitable enterprise.

See your hard work being rewarded with a financial package and a work life balance that puts you firmly in control as a Web Designer for Webbiz.

It’s time to take your slice of the cake.

We are looking for an Experienced Web Developer / Web Designer to join our web team. Based in Ireland & throughout Europe, you will form part of a closely knit team whose passion is to create beautiful websites and web apps that work brilliantly.

This is an opportunity for someone who has perhaps worked in a larger agency and is looking for a new challenge in a more intimate environment with like-minded individuals. All going well, the person we have in mind will help drive our business to the next level and play a key role in its future success.

Your responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  1. Participating in the architecture, design, development and launching of web applications
  2. Ensuring that all technical requirements for new projects are captured, estimated, designed and implemented
  3. Working independently on assigned components and tasks
  4. Maintaining existing web applications
  5. Maintaining quality control of web design and standards, ensuring best practices are followed


  • A minimum 2-3 years’ experience in the industry
  • Advanced knowledge with PHP and other OOP languages
  • WordPress theme and plugin development
  • Advanced knowledge in HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, API’s and CSS3
  • Knowledge with Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe products
  • Front-end design/development with experience of responsive/adaptive design
  • MySQL other and database knowledge
  • Knowledge of MEAN Stack
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment to brainstorm and troubleshoot
  • Work remotely and or in a fixed location
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices
  • English spoken and written
  • Creativity mind, a problem solver
  • Knowledge in users experience concepts
  • Willing to learn new technologies on an ongoing basis
  • Work in line with business development


  • Self-motivation with strong organisational skills
  • Love what you do and ar proud of your work
  • Ability to set and manage multiple priorities
  • Commercial awareness and creative curiosity
  • Desire to work in a small agency with a big heart
  • A passion for excellence, a daring to be different
  • Freedom to be yourself and shape your own future

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Or simply send a direct email to info@webbiz.ie


Morton & Morton Media Ltd

We have finally got around to branding our parent company, Morton & Morton Media


Yes, you heard right.  Read more below.

Webbiz.ie has some of the best creative talent there is in the Dublin web design scene and that truly shows in this modern sample of Branding by our team members.

Mortan & Mortan Parent company of Webbiz Dublin Ireland read more on us below


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WordPress CMS Vs Joomla CMS

WordPress Vs Joomla – Which is Better?

If there’s a holy trinity of content management systems, it is WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, with the latter significantly trailing behind. Both WordPress and Joomla have been around for a long time and do enjoy a great level of success. Naturally, when someone wants to develop a website for their company or start a blog, they wonder which platform would be ideal for them. Both of them are very effective CMS platforms. Nevertheless, there’s a raging debate about which one is better.

Wordpress web Design Dublin


When it comes to popularity, there’s really no contest. The clear winner is WordPress in Ireland. WordPress has been the go-to CMS platform for novices and developers alike. That has helped it become the most popular CMS platforms to exist today. It was released in 2003 and designed by Matt Mullenwegg. Since then, it has powered over 74.6 million websites, of which 10 million make 25% of the best websites list. It has been downloaded 160 million times and has 65% of the market share.

Joomla, on the other hand, powers 2.8 million websites. It was released in 2003 as well and was developed by Mambo. Joomla has been downloaded 50 million times and holds 13% of the market share. It is second only to WordPress in those terms. Nevertheless, it’s readily apparent that Joomla is trailing behind WordPress when it comes down to the number of users. Is there a reason behind it? Let’s explore the two further.


Many users are concerned about the looks of their website as well as the performance of this. The skeleton frame of the two CMS might look somewhat similar, but the overall appearance depends largely on themes. Here too, WordPress in Ireland leads. The popular CMS has over 3000 themes in its library. On the other hand, Joomla only has about a 1000.

Of course, these numbers grow almost daily and we haven’t taken the third party developers into consideration. There are thousands of themes available online for both WordPress and Joomla platforms. There are more themes for WordPress because it is a more popular and more familiar platform, but Joomla has its own collection of great themes as well.


One of the best characteristics of WordPress in Ireland is the plug-ins. They give a developer the ability to tweak and customise the website to the fullest extent. The same feature is available in Joomla as well. However, again, WordPress simply has more. There are more developers working on WP and that gives it the advantage. The platform has over 36,000 plug-ins.

On the other hand, Joomla has about 5,000. WordPress plug-ins are also very customisable and can be edited. Joomla extensions need to be left as is, which can affect the versatility of the platform a little. However, Joomla plug-ins and extensions are very useful and the limited library can be less confusing, letting you focus on design rather than adding increasing number of features.

Installation and Updates

Both WordPress and Joomla are free of cost. They don’t have specific hosting demands either. You can choose any hosting service you want. You can also install them in your own server. Both of these platforms are under open source licence and therefore free to use as you will.

When it comes to updates, WordPress lags behind Joomla to some extent. The company releases updates every 42 days while Joomla releases updates every 36 days. In reality, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. As long as the updates come along fairly regularly, these things don’t matter.

The installation time of these platforms is different. Both support drag and drop and on-click installation. WordPress will be installed in 5 minutes while Joomla would take 10. WordPress in Dublin is also very easy to use. It’s the most user friendly CMS available to you. On the other hand, Joomla is a bit more complicated. The set up might be a little easy, but upgrading, adding content, and similar tasks will require skill and experience.

Advantages of Joomla  

  • The UI of Joomla is very intuitive, making it easy for users to create websites and edit the structure. The admin interface is very powerful.
  • Joomla is a perfect platform for e-commerce websites and has a great library of extensions for it.
  • There is a strong and thriving developer community for Joomla so you’ll always find professionals who’re skilled with this platform.

Advantages of WordPress

  • Without a doubt, WordPress in Dublin is the most user-friendly CMS platform. That’s the reason for its popularity. You won’t need much technical expertise to create and maintain this website.
  • WordPress wins at SEO and WP sites are constantly ranked high in SERPs. There are several third party plug-ins available to you as well.
  • WordPress is very cross-platform compatible. This means that the website would work well on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

As far as this comparison goes, we’ll recommend WordPress to people who need a simple, easy to use website and blogs. 

How To Migrate Your WordPress from a Local install to a Server

How Migrate a WordPress Website from localhost to a server


Learn from our team of Pro’s how to Migrate your WordPress site.

If you need to Migrate your website generally means your in one of two situations, you need to move from a local setup (you built the site on your computer) or from server to server (Domain.com to Domain.net). Either way a WordPress migration is not as tough as you may think, once you know how that is.

If you are a WordPress ninja or a server guru you best bet is to jump over to the WordPress Codex and read the Jargon filled version this tutorial.


1. Buy hosting
2. Export Database .sql.zip
3. Zip up the website files if your host company has a upload facility.
4. Download FileZilla https://filezilla-project.org/
5. Import Database
6. Upload and/or extract files to the server
7. Run the SQL search and Replace Tool (Be site to delete when the site is live)
8. Change permalinks on and off to reset the .htacces file

Now your WordPress website should be successfully migrated from MAMP Local host to a web server and live on the web for all to see!

Google and the new logo

An Insight To Google’s Famous Logo And Graphic Evolution

The Making Of The Actual Logo Of Google

Every successful business has a story to tell! Starting from accusations, lawsuits, envy and of course the risk of taking bold decisions all by oneself in business – Success in any field is not that easily achieved.However, it is rightly said that the fruit of one’s own hardwork is the sweetest. In this case the topic of discussion is the Google Logo Evolution.

New Google Logo
New Google Logo

The Google logo which the user sees on logging in to the homepage is the product of several improvements which has been made in all these years.

The Logo Evolution has also brought in an aura which has made the name a symbol of trust and reliance for its customers!

The Logo Designs, the fantastic Graphic Designs is not a work of fiction and has not come into existence all of a sudden like a fairytale. Rather, the dream that Larry Page and Sergey Brins had seen several years ago has taken its shape after so many years in fact!

Google as a whole is a powerful brand in the market today, all thanks to its steady evolution over these years.


A Blend Of Trust And Reliability


Originally called “ Backrub ”, the website was given the name of ”Google” just a few years back in 1998.

The modern day Logo is famous for the very trendy Google Doodle. This is something which appears in the homepage as an image signifying an important event.

Also, it is meant to highlight an auspicious day in the life of a celebrated personality.

The uniqueness and polish of the Google is something which has been drawing customers involuntarily towards this site!

The Google Logo Evolution has in fact churned out a special coding system in terms of the colour to give a visual treat to its users.

Old Flat Google Logo
Old Flat Google Logo

Containing the colors of Blue, Red, Yellow and Green – every color is related to a certain feeling/ emotion.

For example in this case green stands for excellence, red for growth and so on for the rest two as well! Credit must be given to the developers working on the logo and polishing it for such long time periods to make it stand where it is today.

The Logo Evolution has indeed been a lifetime achieved to be cherished forever with utmost pride and satisfaction.

How to Open Multiple File Zilla Windows On Apple Mac Without Tabs

Looking For Multiple File Zilla Windows on Apple Mac?

If your like me and where looking for multiple File Zilla windows on on you mac OS without using multiple tabs.

You also want to run multiple commands in simultaneously? then simple copy the File Zilla application to your documents or copy and rename the File Zilla application to your app folder. Simples!


File Zilla advise from our Experts Webbiz.ie Dublin Ireland


File Zilla is a great open source file upload platform, Download it here


Successful Multiple Windows for File Zilla On Mac 🙂


File Zilla advise from our Experts Webbiz.ie Dublin Ireland

Mobile Website sand why do you need a mobile website

Responsive web design is a must for your companies business

Recently Google updated there site search results to clearly show who has a mobile site and who doesn’t.

Responsive website designResponsive website design


See that little green phone icon? Well that is now going to let visitors know if there is a mobile site at the other end of that link, and believe it or not this is going to persuade people to click else where if your link doesn’t have one.

Another reason why you need a responsive website is down to the fact that Google are considering it in the ranking of your site, you see their mandate is to deliver relevant content, and deliver the best user experience at the same time! They know the exponential acceleration of mobile browsing so it’s clear that this is what they want to deliver to their users.

So what is a responsive web design? Well it’s a site that adapts to all the different screen sizes by using clever code. This code is called media queries.

These media queries can be added to your existing site, I would suggest a responsive website redesign as it will probably cost the same price.

So in short, you need a responsive website designed, and fast!

Social Media Ireland – Be social it’s important.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Social Media Ireland.

If you are running a business in Ireland today it is necessary to have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to work in unison with your website. Imagine these social media platforms are extensions of your website reaching out beyond your own websites natural target audience. Every time you tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook you have a chance to reach a fresh customer base that may not usually visit your website and honestly who doesn’t want more visitors.

So how should you Post or Tweet?

The ideal post is short, concise , includes an image and has a link back to your website. Ensure the image is an eye catching one so it entices you to read the snippet and follow the link to the website. Things are a bit different for a tweet, you only get 140 characters which includes your link back to your website, so keep things really simple and use a link shortener like goo.gl or bitly.com to help reduce overall tweet length. Finish every tweet with #hashtags, make them relevant and use # that are trending. Finally don’t forget to add that eye catching image too!

Check out Glenpatrick Water Coolers one of our recent clients integrated twitter account,  they really understand what it means to be social in Ireland.
Website design Dublin


Social Media Integration

The next step is to have your social media accounts integrated into your website or enable social sharing directly from your page.  As you can see from mortonspub.ie they have had their Facebook page integrated by us so visitors can like them straight away. The biggest advantage to having your social media integrated directly to your website is the visitor knows that you are still trading and active in the industry.

Online marketing Dublin


Top 5 SEO Mistakes that You should Avoid!

SEO Mistakes you Need To Know

SEO mistakes happen if you’re focused on the wrong things or too focused on one aspect of SEO and not the other, for example, too many keywords and not enough quality content.

I have been helping clients increase their PageRank and presence online for some time now and I have noticed a pattern with their site optimisation before they came to us. To put it bluntly it is terrible! But with work it can be fixed.

Top 5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO Mistake #1 | Keyword Overloading

There is nothing more irritating than reading copy on a site and thinking, what is this rubbish? There is way too many keywords per paragraph!

If you stuff too many keywords into your copy in an effort to boost your site on Google it might work temporarily, but it will certainly get Google’s attention and eventually your site will roll down to the 2nd, 3rd page or even disappears from the ranks altogether.

The way your structure your content is key! Use your keywords wisely, once or twice per paragraph. The best way to think about this is 5% of the article copy should be your keyword, and make sure to write between 800-1000 words.
[skill value=”95″]Quality Relevant Content[/skill]

Keyword Phrases and Long Tail Keywords

[skill value=”5″][/skill]

SEO Mistake #2 | Broken Links

We have all gone through a website redesign, so when you do, test, test and test again! There is nothing worse than broken links on your website. When you build your content and links within your content it is the most important thing to proof read all of it and double check all your old links and fix them if they don’t work.

Fixing the broken links will increase your user experience and improve your website’s PageRank.

SEO Mistake #3 | Copied Content or Copy

It has been done before and it will be done again, either someone will use your copy or you might take a snippet of theirs. This is the worst thing possible for a website, I know from experience that clients have copy on their site and when I did a quick bit of research I found it all to be on other sites already.  Google will punish a website for using other peoples copy by ranking the site poorly or even removing it from the index altogether.

Create compelling, unique content. Do your research and take a little extra time to write your copy, this will stand to your website when it comes to getting indexed and raked by Google and other search engines.

SEO Mistake #4 | Page Titles and Meta Tags

It’s easy to use the same page titles and descriptions for all your pages but it’s just not the way it should be. If your not focused on getting a great deal of traffic to all your pages then by all means work away with this approach, but if you’re like  99.9% of the online world then you are interested in getting hits on all your pages.

Use unique page titles on all your pages, if you have a list of services have a unique page title for each of them e.g. if you are a plumber and a service you provide is Bathroom installations a good title can be “Bathroom Installations (Area)|Bathroom Plumber”. The page titles should be descriptive but no longer than 50 – 60 characters.

Meta tags are very important and need to be done right, this is the main source for Google to index the page. Be sure that the meta description is relevant to the copy on the page.

SEO Mistake #5 | Don’t Buy or Take any Links Going

Links are still thought to be the keystone to a sites performance on Google, if you have links coming form high PR authority sites then that is brilliant! Don’t fall into the trap of more is better, this is just simply untrue. You need quality not quantity. It’s like when a parent tells you that your engineering paper on “The Systematic Analysis of Induction Coil Failures” was brilliant, while this is great and builds your self-confidence it’s not the same as your professor making a similar comment. Google acts in a similar way with links, you get the best result from the best links, it’s as simple as that.