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Hot Desk Services in Dundrum Dublin

Hot Desk Dublin

Hot Desk Services and Co Working Services in Dundrum Dublin

Modern communication technology allows people to work from different spaces. There is no need to maintain an office building and spend money on a permanent space. Hot desk services are readily available within Dublin with little investment and no long- term commitments. These spaces provide all the facilities you need while offering all the space you need to work comfortably.

Hot Desks, are a very scalable practical option and allow you the freedom, to move easily to a new place or expand, if you need it and the space allows.

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What is a Co-Working Space or Hot Desk?

A co-working space or a hot desk as it more commonly known as is a space within an already established office environment and where more than one company/ individuals work together while sharing the common facilities that the office provides. Hot desks are a great option for freelancers, entrepreneurs and those who telecommute. Very often these professional individuals work from home, however the lines between the work and home life balance can get blurred in this kind of situation. Having a Hot Desks draws the line between home and work life and provides the perfect, separate office space for the individual.

Pros for Hot Desks rental:

  • The co-working space is your own space and with that you have freedom to work as you wish, either at the desk or on our comfortable office sofa.
  • With ample natural light and a well-maintained office environment you’ll have a comfortable and peaceful space in which to work.
  • Renting a Hot Desk is a much more affordable option than renting a whole office and is the perfect solution to those needing an office space on a limited budget.

Things to Consider Before You Book the Space

  • The Price – Consider the rent, deposit, and added charges you will be paying for when taking on a Hot Desk. Ensure that it both affordable and allows you to cover your other costs adequately.
  • Location – Location is key, if the space doesn’t suit you or it take too long to get to, then it’s not worth it. Make sure it is both easily accessible and cost efficient to get to every day.
  • Services – Consider what you need to make your work life easier. What is important to you; Wi-Fi, refreshments, cafés, lounge area? Having these in place can make your overall daily work experience much better.

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Come Hot Desk with us.

We are based in Dundrum South Dublin, just 3 minutes from the Luas Green Line and seconds form Dundrum Shopping Centre. We are offering a comfortable creative co working environment that offers:

  • Secure Access
  • 360 mb Fibre Broadband
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Meeting Room
  • Friendly Colleagues

Call or email for more : 01 9065865  or

Sketch vs Photoshop vs Illustrator for Web Design Mockup and Prototyping

A website is a very important part of any business. People who want to start their own website are very serious about getting the design just right. They want to make sure that the end product turns out to be impressive and appealing to their audience. However, even the most eloquent people won’t be able to explain in words what the final website design would look like.