Be Yourself: The Key to Business Success

How can personality help a business to achieve commercial success?


Just do it.

I’m lovin’ it.

Think differently.

These are some of the most impactful slogans of all time, and they instantly remind us of the companies behind them. What makes major brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Apple stand out? How do brands become unique?

In increasingly saturated markets, it is more and more difficult for brands to make themselves heard through the noise. It is for this reason that savvy business owners rely on Webbiz to create innovative and tailored branding solutions that include design, development, and digital marketing.

For this week’s blog post, our team of whizzes came up with the top pointers that can take your brand to the next level.

Telling Stories

Storytelling is a valuable tool that brands have been using for decades to differentiate themselves from competitors — it’s what makes them unique and able to retain that elusive top of mind spot with consumers. For example, Puma and Adidas are competing sportswear brands, created by two brothers in the same German region but with completely different approaches to their story and origins.

Brands who tell stories build better connections with people. In today’s marketplace transparency and authenticity are crucial to add that human feel that helps build desire, intent and eventually action.

For instance, operators in the home console industry essentially offer the same product, video games. However, the carefully crafted story of a quirky, century-old Japanese company such as Nintendo, and the sleek story of  an American company such as Microsoft are radically different. Consumers don’t buy the latest Mario game looking for realistic shooter gameplay and conversely, they don’t go into a Gears of War match with the aim of collecting coins and stars.

“No opinion” is an Opinion

However, stories alone are not enough to help brands reach their audience. In recent years we have seen a shift in power from brand to consumer. People are surrounded by more and more choices, across a wide array of platforms, on a constant basis. It’s no longer enough to explain the benefits of a product or a service, you need to show them to your target audience. As a result, brands have resorted to personality to add a bit of oomph to their corporate message.

This is particularly visible on social media platforms where community managers and social media specialists can be creative and step away from the cookie cutter precision of corporate messaging. The American fast-food chain Wendy’s used this to its advantage and developed an edgy personality that cracks jokes and makes fun of everyone criticizing its’ products on Twitter. By doing this, a company which traditionally lags behind McDonald’s and Burger King in this market segment was able to gain a strong foothold and a captive audience.

Moreover, highly opinionated (and at times controversial) standpoints raise awareness about brands that traditionally aren’t known for being outspoken. The well-known Gillette video about toxic masculinity shed light on the role that males play in improving the situation for future generations. Awareness about the brand led to unprecedented spike across all social media platforms with both positive and negative reactions.

How can your Brand be Unique?

We cannot wait to hear your story here at Webbiz and discuss how we can make sure that your audience knows about you and what your brand stands for. With extensive experience in key areas such as marketing, data, design and development we can help you create a brand personality that resonates with your audience.

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