Breaking Through the Noise: Whipping up the Perfect Brand

Learn how to craft the perfect brand identity design for your business.

building a picture-perfect brand identity

Armoured with a polka-dotted mask, hand-gel, and a pair of plastic gloves, we found ourselves in a bit of jam during one of our latest supermarket quests. The only chocolate left was a “Tesco” owned brand. Great! Chocolate is chocolate, right?

Problem is, we love Cadbury. So, do we buy chocolate? Or do we let the sugar cravings pass and hope that next time we manage to get in before the millions of other Cadbury lovers?

The real question here, however, isn’t about whether we did or didn’t buy the chocolate. The real question is how do brands like Cadbury manage to create sticky, long-lasting loyalty so effortlessly?

The same applies to other iconic brands. Starbucks is more than just a coffee brand, Coca Cola, more than a soda, McDonald’s is more than a fast-food cooperative, and Nike you guessed it, more than an apparel brand. But, what do all of these brands have in common? Easy. They each have their own story, and their purpose and mission are carried through in every brand message and visual identity piece that is produced.

What does all this mean for you? It means that you have to differentiate your business and create a brand that people will love. How you may be asking? That’s where Webbiz comes in. This is the first part of our step-by-step guide on building a picture-perfect brand identity. Ready, set, brand.


Brand vs Brand Building

The word “brand” can often be misconstrued as another buzz word and its true essence may often be diluted. Is it your logo or tagline? Your colour palette? Your tone of voice? The truth is that they are all key ingredients. A brand is all that and more, in the words of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Branding, then, is the process that binds it all together.

Powerful branding is not only the aesthetic elements but a combination of the visual, company message, and emotional appeal behind it.

If we take Nike as an example, it is consistent in both experience and communication across a multitude of channels. People recognise the brand without mentioning the name. In these creatives, for instance, Nike integrates its logo into different sports. They offer a completely fresh outlook towards communication in an arena where it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish one ad from the other.


Source: Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M)

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your brand won’t become a success overnight. It requires constant research and an innate understanding of both the customer and the business to develop and apply distinctive features that allow the clear association of the brand with the products or services you are offering.


The Importance of Branding

Your brand is your reputation, thus a critical element in the overall success of your business. Positive impressions mean you emerge from the commotion armed with brand success. So, if you are asking the question why is it important, we challenge you with a counterargument, when isn’t it important? Branding is everything your business is built on and here we tell you why you should never underestimate it.

Your Brand is what makes you, YOU

Well-executed brands have a lot to say and leave lasting impressions on people. If you don’t know who you are as a brand, how can you expect your audience to? Your brand identity will be built by establishing brand-defining keywords which are in turn used to create your voice, tone, and aesthetic.

Storytelling sells, resonates, and in time builds a connection with your targeted audience. Once again, Nike is one of the kings of storytelling. For in “Last”, the brand salutes the last-placed marathon runner. In this manner, it is not only successfully portrayed purpose and created an experience, but it is also created a sense of connection with the brand. This wasn’t the usual “big shot” NBA star striving to be the best of the best. This light-hearted tactic resonated with millions because of the powerful message that “anyone can be a runner if they just run”. Suddenly Nike was not just for the “elite”.

So, when your ethos holds up and everything that you do has a backstory that is consistent with the brand, you will rarely go wrong. It’s a primary reason that Nike or Coca Cola are among the biggest brands of our time.

An Art Built on Confidence

Behind every great brand is guts, creativity, and strategy, with maybe a pinch of risk. For you to tell your story, you have to believe it. Some of the greatest brands in the world are where they are because of the confidence instilled in the label. Sometimes you don’t even have to be unique in your product or service offering as long as how you “brand” it is effective. One such company is Gym Shark. It isn’t the first company to produce leisurewear and it won’t be the last. Yet, there is something intrinsically confident about how it is done; there is a visionary approach to creativity and building relationships. Not only does it market the apparel but it has also created a community to help people unlock their fitness potential. While these tactics are easily mimicked, Gym Shark is sustained by the ability to create a distinctive feel in an already saturated market.

Great Branding Gives Purpose and Focus  

A logo, a website, social media, and all the other elements that go together in building a successful brand are essentially nothing without a goal and proper meaning. Having a clear set of values that resonate through all touchpoints, adds value to your business, and creates trust. How this is portrayed is entirely the brand’s choice. While some choose a subtle approach, others make bold statements and weave beliefs into their aesthetics such as their logo.

It is important to note that even the big guys can be better. Rebranding is common but can be done in many different ways. For some, it can be as simple as refreshing their logo, but for others, it may require a more hardcore approach and a full identity change. It’s natural for things to become stale, so reimaging elements or your entire look is important for long-term sustainability. For example, Mr. Tayto is not one to shy from the limelight. A brand that has been in the business for 66 years has made notable changes to its identity in a bid to stay on-trend. More recently, the brand’s “New Look, Same Taste” campaign, didn’t only highlight that the secret was in the taste but also presented a socially conscious dimension thanks to the new recyclable packaging. This campaign, therefore, modernised the look but also clearly highlighted the company’s purpose.

Great Branding DELIVERS

Last but by no means least, branding gets results, and results are why we do what we do. A strong brand not only generates revenue, but it boosts business value and increases employee morale.

Getting your employees behind the brand is half the battle, and with great branding comes a positive culture. When employees believe in a brand, they will breathe, eat, and sleep it. Lush, a pioneer within the cosmetic industry is a prime example of this. It is renowned for its transparency about ethics and values which permeate the business as a whole. Not only do these values shine through in the visual processes, but employees also love and live the brand, and this is felt by customers.

Effective branding delivers deep connections. If a brand can connect with audiences and their needs and the brand’s values inspire loyalty, then this will ultimately create longevity.

Ready, Steady, Brand

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