Building High Quality Backlinks to Increase your Page Rank

You Need High Quality Backlinks.

The most important thing to improve your websites SEO is high quality backlinks, with out them you can’t and won’t get to the top of Google. Most SEO gurus say quality not quantity when it comes to backlinks, but I say get a high volume of quality backlinks to give your site the chance it deserves, after all its your business or passion that your putting out there and you want to be found, so “Quality and Quantity”. I know this is a tough task that will take time, but if your looking for the best result the effort will be worth it.


How to get Building High Quality Backlinks to your Website?

First things first, you will need quality content that other site will want to share, no one is going to share some rehashed content that they have read over and over again. Be original and add value to your niche by researching the topic your going to publish and have the most relevant information that visitors will enjoy and love to read.

1. Take note of a list of online forums that have a great page rank, lets say above 5 and that allow you to place a signature in your contributions, next go to topics you can add to and provide the thread with valuable information about the topic and include your link in the signature.

2.Publish interesting articles that add value to the topic of the content, products or services then submit these articles to article directories that have a high page rank.

3. Get Blogging on different platforms like WordPress or Blogger, provide quality contend and link the articles and content back to your website.

4. Press Releases can help get great high quality backlinks, use services like Newswire to get them out there.

5. Video content can be a really good source for backlinks, create videos and upload them on to Youtube and have the links to your site in the content.

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