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So, it’s 2018 and the Digital landscape has changed somewhat.

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On the 11th of January of this year, Facebook through all of us a bit of a Digital curve ball.  By making some drastic changes to how the Facebook algorithm in regards to how our news feeds, and, more importantly the news feeds of your online consumers Facebook profiles function.

Now some of you might have heard of this before, however we are hear to give you the breakdown and what you need to know.

  • Content from friends and family will be given priority
  • Less content from Pages you follow

The reason for the above is simple, Marc Zuckerberg feels that the previous algorithm gave too much emphasis on business and marketing activities and less for the human experience, which when you boil it down is what Facebook was originally based on.

The bottom line is that Facebook wants to give us more meaningful interactions, and less advertising and page updates.

Now, what does that mean for your Facebook page?

What this very simply breaks down to is as follows:

  • Your organic (that is to say, the posts you make to your Facebook page) has even less chance of reaching your audience before
  • You will need to rethink your Digital Marketing Strategy on how you are planning on reaching your Facebook audience on your page.
  • Paid advertising is now a necessity – to keep your head above water.

Side note:  Does your Digital account manager understand how Facebook algorithms work?

Read here – By Neil Patel

If this sounds all too much for you to handle by yourself.

Why not get our Expert team to reassess your Digital Strategy and implement a strategic approach to grow your business, online.

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