The Knack of Good Conversation: A Guide to Community Management

Learn how to effectively create a brand that makes people belong


Before we get started, think about how many pieces of content that have decorated your social feed in the last 24-hours. Quite a few, right?   

On average people use Facebook 8 times per day. Instagram stories are used by 500 million people every day. That is just two of the major social giants, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube all have huge usage stats to add to this pool. With the vast amount of content crossing our paths on a constant basis we have seen a shift in power from brand to the consumer. People have choice, they are becoming pickier about who and what they engage with. Put yourself in the mind of your consumer. You are more likely to pay attention to a piece of content that adds value and offers something interesting to your timeline, correct? You can invest thousands even millions into having a unique, state of the art product or service, but if the story and personality behind the brand don’t match you may fail to connect with your audience.

Marketing is a field in a state of constant flux. Innovations come, trends go, but the idea of evolving to better connect with audiences is ever-present. It is now more than ever most important to have a multi-dimensional voice online. Meaning, ask questions, engage in conversation that adds value. Brands need to own the space it specializes in. We are already living the next stage of the Social Media paradigm shift. The only issue is that this time is not about making sales or reposting the latest memes. Audiences now crave connection. Nevertheless, how do we achieve these meaningful connections? Simple, the art of community management. Better still we are going to explain how your brand can create that sense of “community” and join the millions of businesses around the world that produce content that gets noticed.  

What is Community Management? 

Simply put, a Community Manager is a person responsible for interacting with the final customer online. Be it through the company official profile or acting as a brand ambassador. Their work acts as a buffer of sorts between the audience and the company. They are a fundamental part of the process in helping to understand the needs of your consumers and acting as your brand’s eyes and managing online reputation.  

What good can Community Management do for my business? 

Most Community Managers work with the “SPACE” model, which details the areas where the role can be an asset. The model gets its sci-fi name through the initials Support, Product Feedback, Advocacy, Content and Engagement. 

Support deals with interactions made after-sell. For instance, how brands reply to questions and criticism on Twitter. Official messages, updates on issues, and similar interactions with the audiences all fall under this keyword.  

Product is similar to support but with the focus on the actual reason for interacting with a brand online. For instance, a dissatisfied Netflix user must be dealt with before one negative opinion regarding the cancelling of their favourite show become an online movement with a potential negative impact on the streaming platform. 

On the other side of this spectrum, Advocacy, Content and Engagement aim to create a positive environment for your company. By interacting online, brands can dissipate doubts on potential customers, making sales easier if paired with other digital marketing strategies - Nurture streams, for instance.  

Who does that?  

As we mentioned before, Netflix is only one of many companies doing an excellent service in building communities around their products. Other big names dominating this space include Apple (who doesn’t know an Apple fanboy nowadays?), Microsoft and Sony.  

However, this is not only an area for the “big boys”. Smaller companies, such as Mediatonic, became online sensations because of their astonishing community management team. The game development company made their new title Fall Guys explode from an indie darling into one of this year’s best sellers. All that success come from a dedicated team, able to read their audience and adapt to the ever-shifting arena of Twitter with the latest memes, jokes and challenges. 

How can Webbiz Help? 

Our digital marketing team is well-aware of the role Community Management has and will have in the future of Digital Marketing. With our help, you can identify opportunities and maximize your online presence. Contact us now, and together we can make your new project a success.  

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