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How Geolocation has become a marketing tool


Imagine that you are visiting Dublin city for the first time. After a great day exploring the rich Irish history, you decide that it is a great time to drink a nice cup of coffee or tea. Without knowing the city, where would you go? How do you decide among the hundred different places in Dublin?

Locals might know the best coffee place around, but if you don’t want to ask or trust strangers’ opinions, the best way of finding a warm cuppa to beat the inevitable rain and wind is to rely on the internet, which most people currently do.

Why mobile searches matter

According to researches, 76% of all people who search for a nearby business on Google end up visiting it within a day. Queries with the words “open now near me” skyrocketed 200% on mobile over the last two years.

For business, it would be great if they were able to define how their brand appears over users’ queries. Being able to optimize online presence according to proximity would result in more leads and sales to just about any business, be it a coffee shop or else.

Google Ads location targeting is one of the features offered inside the tech giant’s online advertise platform to help business owners to zero in on the best potential customers around their location. With the use of geolocated ads, marketers can target countries, cities, or even specific places on Google Maps.

Google Ads location targeting in action

Good solutions lead to results

Using the scenario of our tourist friend looking for a warm cup of coffee in Dublin, a shop could benefit from being highlighted with a clear path to their shop among all the other options.

That can be made by creating a geolocated ad, focusing on potential customers using Google apps to search for nearby options. On Maps, a geolocated ad would appear as a clear path from the query start point to the advertised store.

New customers with a satisfying journey through searching for a place and being led to a great experience through an ad are more inclined to leave a positive review online. That kind of experience tends to boost not only sales from lost tourists looking for a Cafe but also the organic SEO results, improving the general reputation of the business.

Brewing solutions

If you are a business owner interested in strategies that make the most of geolocation ads, or if you need a suggestion of the best places to drink a cup of joe, get in touch. We have specialists in both areas here at Webbiz. Get in touch right now and start making smarter decisions for your brand.

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