e-Commerce 101: Boost Online Sales in 2021

By following timeless rules of sales, your venture will be ready to raise sales and become future-proof.

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In recent years we have seen a shift in consumer buying behaviour. 2020 has solidified this. Online sales are growing rapidly. According to a study 68% of people said that COVID-19 has increased their expectations of what companies are capable of online. The recent shift in online shopping has also meant that the pool of competition has become more and more crowded. Put nicely, no business can afford to stand back. They will be left behind.

Managing an e-commerce website is no easy task. Let’s take for example you sell jewellery online. What attracts customers to you instead of the thousands of other brands on the market? There is no one fit all approach to selling online. Nevertheless, there are proven tactics your business could be doing to ensure you are heard above the noise. Here we bring you 4 great ways to help you boost your online sales.

Key Factors for Successful E-commerce

Pivoting your business to an online store should not be an issue with the proper guidelines. A lot has changed from the days of “teleshopping” four decades ago into the contemporary e-commerce stage, that is for sure. However, some rules are still golden.

1- First impressions matter

People have consistently slower attention spans online. In the age where presidents talk to the press via tweets, shoppers want to be swayed as quickly as possible. The best way to achieve this is by having a high-quality page, with rapid loading and a design that spikes interest.

2- Always be customer-focused

“The customer is always right” is one of the most overused quotes of all time. That is not because people across the world like repeating clichés. Sayings become sayings because they are true. Focusing on providing the best customer experience is a sure way of making clients return for more.

3- Be where your audience is

Remember when people needed to go to specific locations if they wanted to purchase things? Neither do we. From bakeries to electronics, from cars to drones, everything is available online. Being online is only half of the e-commerce battle. A great online store not only has a kickass website, but it is also active on social media, has a great SEO strategy, and knows exactly where its target is.

4- The aftersale is as important as the sale

Unless you are selling fish and chips wrapped in yesterday’s news, you need to provide support to your customer. Many companies, like Apple, made their name by providing not only good products but an astonishing aftersale service to their users.


We Are Here to Help Your Business Thrive

2020 has shown us that there is still plenty of potential for e-commerce. No matter if you are an established name, or a newcomer to the market, your company should always be looking forward to improving and upscaling the business.

Webbiz is here to assist you during these proving times, and beyond. With a team of well-rounded specialists; our 360-degree approach to digital marketing, design, and development will help boost sales and leads. Contact us to get a free proposal, and together we can turn your next idea into a reality.

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