Elements of an eCommerce Web Design

Elements that are successfully tried and tested to add value and go beyond the basic

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eCommerce website design requires certain elements to be in place in order to successfully sell your products and services online. The Webbiz team are hugely experienced in eCommerce website design – creating custom designs for the likes of Landa Bags, Nordic Elements and Birds of a Feather among others. As such, here are five important elements that are successfully tried and tested to add value and go beyond the basic for your online store.



Websites in 2019 and beyond should be built using what is known as HTTPS. This is because it allows for secure communications over the internet and this is extremely important when it comes to online shopping as the likes of credit and debit card details are entered into your website to complete the purchase. Note too that in some browsers, some websites that are not built with HTTPS will be flagged with an error message that can read ‘this website is not secure’ in the address bar. As you can imagine, this is a terrible first impression and greatly reduces the likelihood of potential customers parting with their credit or debit card details on your website.


Product Catalogue

Your product catalogue should be clear and easy to both navigate and use. It ideally should include filters to toggle between options such as price range, styles and colours etc. and this is particularly important if you have a large amount of products on sale. As you can understand, if someone is looking for something in particular; it can be a source of frustration if they cannot find it. To help with this, implementing a site search bar can also help – meaning that website visitors (potential customers) can search exactly what they are looking for. You can assign tags to your products too so that they populate for the appropriate search results. Webbiz can implement these features as part of your custom website and our specialist team ensure they perform properly on both desktop and mobile devices.


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Account Option

There exists a phenomenon known as ROPO which stands for research offline and purchase offline (and also vice-versa in certain situations). With this, people may research something they are interested in buying either online or offline and may choose to buy it either in person (offline) or in their own time (online). Due to this, having an account option on your eCommerce website can allow people to save the product(s) they are interested in and even add them to a wishlist to return to at a later date. Having an account feature can also foster a sense of customer loyalty if you look to build in the likes of a points or rewards scheme per purchase.


Product Photography

You cannot underestimate the importance of proper and professional photography to showcase your products in the best possible way. In an ideal world, these images would include both hero / soldier shots and lifestyle shots of a model wearing or using your product etc. Not only does this photography show potential customers what they are purchasing, it also conveys a sense of size and scale as they cannot physically interact with the product when shopping online. Remember too that the quality of your photography will affect how your products look – so you really want to make a premium first impression. With Webbiz, our specialist team can capture and edit your product photography to implement as part of your eCommerce website.


Product Descriptions

One should never underestimate the power of a finely crafted product description as an important selling tool online. In the absence of a live chat feature (which may not always be interacted with), the product description works to sell the features and attributes of your products. This should include the physical description of the product such as the colour, size, dimensions, materials and more; but should also have a focus how the product can be used by those who purchase it. For example, is this a seasonal product that is suitable for a certain time of the year or perhaps it will make a great gift idea for that special someone?


Five Important Elements of eCommerce Website Design

While these aspects will of course add value to your website, Webbiz as a whole go beyond the basic when it comes to your website design and every element associated with it. To get in touch with us to start the process, you can complete the form below or contact us here.

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