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eCommerce Website Design

Mobile eCommerce website design can grow your business 25% year on year

The traditional business of sales has been revolutionised by the introduction of ecommerce website design, but this is not a new idea. People have being selling their products and services online since the dawn of the web in the 80’s.

You can sell online through websites like e-bay, Amazon, Etsy or across smart phone apps like Done Deal, Adverts or Shopify on Facebook. As great as all these web stores are why pay them commission when you can have a 24 hour revenue stream that is commission free like your very own ecommerce website.

If you own a mobile or fixed location business an ecommerce website combined with good search engine optimisation can generate you previously unseen revenue and move stock or provide services to customers who would not usually be passing your door.

e-Commerce Website Design
mobile e-commerce website design
At Webbiz we have become experts in responsive ecommerce website design and have helped business get started and trading online.

Our web design team combines Magento (an Ebay ecommerce solution) and your products to showcase them on a bespoke responsive website that utilities the latest call to action techniques to convert leads into sales.

Currently 1 in 4 e-commerce websites are using Magento to power their business so we cant be wrong in saying that we think Magento is the most flexible ecommerce platform available to power your business. It offers a sales platform, stock management system and sales report system in one neat package.

To date the results have been great from our clients and we have developed trade ecommerce websites that allows sales representatives sell on the go.

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