Email Marketing is Not Dead

Here’s How To Make the Most of It

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Picture the scene: you’re checking the latest product arrivals on your favourite gaming website. You see an amazing gaming console, so you add it to your cart and proceed to complete your purchase. You are already counting down the seconds to the moment when you will be playing all those awesome games when you are hit with a weird question: “Do you want to sign up for our newsletter?”

At this point, you are probably asking yourself if there is anyone who reads newsletters anymore. In this Webbiz blog, we will show you that email marketing is still alive and kicking. So, read on to see that it is in reality, a powerful tool for marketers and companies.

Long Live Email Marketing!

Let’s clear something out of the way: you are not necessarily wrong in believing that email marketing is an outdated way of doing marketing. Email has been around for over 40 years now and it is essentially the grandfather of digital media.

In a fast-paced world, we are often doing multiple things at the same time on our phones. For instance, you might even have scrolled left a notification from your email app while reading this piece without even noticing. To be considered a valuable tool for digital marketing, emails need to be better. So, let’s start looking at some key facts and figures.

Worldwide, more than half of the world’s population uses email, with projections pointing to an increase to over 4 billion by 2023. While a large number of individuals use email for work purposes, to create accounts on new platforms, do online shopping, or as part two-factor authentication processes; more than half of the adults in the United States still actively check and read emails daily.

With such substantial numbers, the Return Over Investment (ROI) of good ol’ inbox is one of the lowest around. Studies indicate that a properly executed email marketing campaign can return over $40 from each dollar invested – by comparison, trendy SEO, returns only $22 on average.

How to Email People and Influence Customers

Okay, so we’ve highlighted how email is still a valuable piece of marketing and even sprinkled some numbers and values on top of it. So, how can you stop your company from sending boring emails that no one will read and start to turn a profit from newsletters?

The most important thing is to know your audience. We all have signed up for a new Amazon account or just checked the delivery costs of a cool item online only to be bombarded with hundreds of pointless emails from random websites.

The premium online commodity is attention. If you send a dozen emails in a span (pun intended) of hours, your customer will not have the time or inclination to read them. Your efforts will become white noise that is lost in an already full inbox. On the other hand, if you take your time to create content that adds value and gives something back; customers will be much more receptive to your emails and they will be more interested in what your company has to say. They may even read the email, not just skim through it.

Email marketing also has the untapped potential to be a personalised piece of interaction. If you’ve ever gotten an email from Netflix, you will surely know what this means. By simply checking your saved list, the streaming powerhouse can send you curated tips and suggestions that are more likely to have a higher level of engagement than if they simply notify you whenever a new show is added to their catalogue.

Even if your client base is not as big as Netflix, you can still utilise the same process. Do you run an ecommerce platform? Every unfinished purchase can be tracked, and you can offer discounts or just remind customers that they didn’t buy that latest gaming console. Are you the owner of a cosy, but slightly hidden café in the centre of Dublin? Why not message previous customers during their morning commute and offer them perks if they buy a larger latte? Even if they are not recent clients, you can always say hi to users that interacted with your brand a while ago and might not be up-to-date with the latest brand shenanigans.

By utilising the information that you already have from your audience, be it from social, sign-in forms or other sources, you can create tailored content that will impress people and make the most of email marketing.

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Irrespective of the size of the market or the size of your company, email marketing is an excellent way in which to engage with your audience, re-kindle relationships and make sales. So, get in touch with us if you’re still unsure about how to make the most of email marketing. We can create a brand new strategy that transforms your direct messages from nuisance to success.

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