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Your website depends on search engines indexing your site, so if your site is the body your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the life blood. I set up this free SEO advice blog to help all the small and medium businesses get their online pretense stronger than it may currently be. There is no point having a website that just sits there gathering dust, you need to engage with your audience through your content and show that your are the expert of your niche product or service. For example an electrician, yes we all know what services they provide and they all have them listed stagnantly there websites, but if you read a detailed article about the services they provided and maybe some before and after shots of works done, you would be more inclined to use that particular electrician. So the conclusion is have content on your site, engage your visitors attention with the information they are searched for and structure the content so it will rank well on Google. In following posts I will explain what I mean by structure the content, but for now that’s it, I hope you enjoy and find this blog useful.

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