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A powerful way to show how effective a website (and by extension its design) are performing

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We are huge fans of Google Analytics for website design in that they are a powerful way to show how effective a website (and by extension its design) are performing. They can also demonstrate the effectiveness of the likes of content and user experience, therefore making it an excellent tool to measure and manage website key performance indicators (KPIs).


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Our custom website designs are connected to Google Analytics so that both we and our clients can see in real-time, or by running weekly and/or monthly reports, the metrics that matter most. This makes it transparent to all in that it can be shown how the work of Webbiz goes beyond the basic to get real results in terms of traffic, leads, conversions, sales, brand awareness and more. Below we explore some of our many client success stories through Google Analytics for website design – demonstrating the power of our specialist branding, development, design, digital marketing and support teams.


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Above you can see some results for a startup company that we steered to success. Their website saw a massive 683% increase in users within the first month of the digital marketing strategy and support that they availed of from us. Within the first three months of them commencing trading, their new users were up to 30% – on a continued tangent of growth. Perhaps most impressive in this case, their website received a massive 500k page views within the first eight months of launching. Surely you want to achieve numbers like this for your business too?


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These analytics demonstrate the power of our team when it comes to eCommerce website design. 1.3k users were achieved in the first three months of the website launching – a boon for business when products are for sale online. In tandem with this, a massive 9.5k page views culminated within the first six months which is again an extremely strong number when sales are only a few clicks / taps away. Within the first year of trading then, the website received an average of 3.67 page views per session, thus demonstrating how the design draws visitors deeper into the website and closer to converting as they browse products and make their way to the checkout.


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This set of analytics above displays a large social aspect as this business location received a huge 86% increase in social referrals to their website over a six month period. Adding to this then was the fact that the custom website that Webbiz designed and deployed for them maintained an average of 17k page views per month over a twelve month period. One can always sense and predict a spike in traffic when a new content campaign launches and here our content and digital marketing efforts resulted in a huge 72% page views increase within one month of it launching.

Google Analytics for Website Design

As you can see, the proof is in the numbers. This also proves why big brands choose us as we work to generate leads to your business from our custom website design, branding, digital marketing and support services. To avail of these attributes for your business, complete the form below or click / tap here to contact us!

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