Google Analytics Success Stories

See the numbers and metrics that prove our work gets results for our clients.

google analytic success stories

Our custom website design agency in Dublin goes beyond the basics to bring results for your business. Rather than take our word for it, we can prove it with the numbers that matter from website analytics. Here are just a select few of our Google Analytics success stories from websites we have worked on – showing how Webbiz can add value to your business.


google analytics success stories

Duration and Pages per Session

Our design team is adept at creating what is known as the user experience (or UX for short). This is a design process that subtly leads website visitors further along your sales funnel (to convert them into customers) by drawing them further and further into your website. When implemented correctly, some visitors will not even realise that they have visited X amount of pages, learning more about the brand and business on each one and thus becoming closer to buying into what is on offer. The above graph shows an example of how this was achieved in a one month period with the website we designed for one of our clients – an incredible 13.5 pages visited on session per average. With this comes over five minutes spent on the website each time on average too which also increases the odds of visitors converting into customers.

google analytics success stories

New Users

The above graph here shows an undeniable spike in new users (and traffic) following the start of a digital marketing strategy for one of our clients. The spike correlates with the launch of the strategy and coincides with a huge boost in new users – just over three-quarters of all the traffic received. This is arguably one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of digital marketing and helps a business to recoup their investment into it. With new visitors, who are potential customers, aware of and engaged with the brand; the scope of the business to grow is increased. So with numerical evidence, here is another of our Google Analytics success stories which demonstrates how our work goes the beyond the basic to add value to businesses and brands.


google analytics success stories

Spikes and Sustainment

While a spike in visitors and engagement is always welcomed, sustainment is always encouraged. So we make sure to provide your business with a custom website, beautifully bespoke branding, a digital marketing strategy and support options too to consistently achieve this! The graph above shows an overall increase in users on certain days without a dramatic decrease afterwards. Therefore it alludes to the fact that the audience is properly targeted in the peak days associated with this business while they remain on board with the brand offering. These are the results you can expect with Webbiz on your side as we work to empower your business to increase its potential for traffic, leads, customers and crucially – profits.


Google Analytics Success Stories

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