Google HTTPS deadline: Tick tock the SSL clock is ticking

Time to make your website secure - the deadline is fast approaching.


A very important deadline has been set by Google for the beginning of July 2018

Google is moving to a more secure Web, it has been a gradual process as the Search Engine Giant is putting more and more emphasis on sites that are not secure, by earmarking them as ‘Not secure’ and advocating those that are secure.

A few important things to note here is as follows:

  • Users who navigate to your website will be given a warning


  • This update will have the most impact on the new Chrome update and users using Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers will have a less noticeable impact.
  • That being said, 86% of us use Google to search and find what we are looking for in Ireland, so any site that comes up in search results and is not HTTPs will get that rather nasty message that your security is at risk.

What you need to do:

Step 1:  Contact Webbiz and request an SSL consultation

Step 2:  We will advise you on the type of SSL certificate that will suit your needs (note:  not all SSL certificates have the same security and benefits)

Step 3:  Sign up with us, and we will get your site’s HTTPs sorted out for you.

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