Google and the new logo

An Insight To Google’s Famous Logo And Graphic Evolution

The Making Of The Actual Logo Of Google

Every successful business has a story to tell! Starting from accusations, lawsuits, envy and of course, the risk of taking bold decisions all by oneself in business – Success in any field is not that easily achieved. However, it is rightly said that the fruit of one’s own hard work is the sweetest. In this case, the topic of discussion is the Google Logo Evolution.

New Google Logo
New Google Logo

The Google logo which the user sees on logging in to the homepage is the product of several improvements which has been made in all these years.

The Logo Evolution has also brought in an aura that has made the name a symbol of trust and reliance for its customers!

The Logo Designs, the fantastic Graphic Designs is not a work of fiction and has not come into existence all of a sudden like a fairytale. Rather, the dream that Larry Page and Sergey Brins had seen several years ago has taken its shape after so many years in fact!

Google as a whole is a powerful brand in the market today, all thanks to its steady evolution over these years.


A Blend Of Trust And Reliability


Originally called “ Backrub ”, the website was given the name of ”Google” just a few years back in 1998.

The modern-day Logo is famous for the very trendy Google Doodle. This is something which appears in the homepage as an image signifying an important event.

Also, it is meant to highlight an auspicious day in the life of a celebrated personality.

The uniqueness and polish of Google is something that has been drawing customers involuntarily towards this site!

The Google Logo Evolution has in fact churned out a special coding system in terms of the colour to give a visual treat to its users.

Old Flat Google Logo
Old Flat Google Logo

Containing the colors of Blue, Red, Yellow and Green – every color is related to a certain feeling/ emotion.

For example in this case green stands for excellence, red for growth and so on for the rest two as well! Credit must be given to the developers working on the logo and polishing it for such long time periods to make it stand where it is today.

The Logo Evolution has indeed been a lifetime achieved to be cherished forever with utmost pride and satisfaction.

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