A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO in Ireland

Tips and techniques that Irish businesses should know about Local SEO.

Local SEO in Ireland

To run a tight (and successful may we add) ship, business owners are to shoulder many responsibilities. Setting up a competitive and attractive new website is no simple task with entrepreneurs seeking to create a unique design aesthetic that distinguishes them from the rest. However, many forget to apply the same level of attention to local SEO tactics as they do to the design elements. Nonetheless, Local SEO has proven to be a very powerful tool when it comes to mobile devices since it helps to attract new customers to local SEO agencies in Dublin.

Indeed, many research exercises indicate that 25% of all Google “nearby business” searches result in the user visiting a business or store physically in a span of 24 hours. So, to succeed in an ever-growing competitive marketplace, brands must be able to play the optimisation game.

What steps can you take to maximise your local visualisation? How can a small tweak in your keyword strategy help you to stand out against the competition? How can you ensure that your business features prominently in relevant natural or geographically related queries?

In this Webbiz guide, we will discuss the local search engine optimization best practices and opportunities from which Irish businesses can benefit today.

What is Local SEO?

Simply put, Local Search Engine Optimization is the method through which digital marketers raise brand visibility in geographically related queries. It’s aproven powerful tactic that can be used to market a business or brand online with direct sales to customers in mind.

By implementing a specific series of tools and practices, it is possible to bump up your company’s ranking in specific user searches. This process can at times use completely different instruments than those used for conventional SEO, and that’s why Local SEO can also be referred to as Local Search Engine Marketing.

Let us demonstrate this with an example. “Dublin Restaurant” is a common search query that many types as soon as they feel peckish while visiting our lovely city. How can Google’s search results determine in which order options should be listed? By improving their position in both local and geographic listings, owners can ensure that their restaurant features at the top of the search results and so increase the potential for sales.

This is where Webbiz comes in. Our SEO experts can help you obtain a stronger presence in those specific areas where you would like your company to rank better. We can improve search engine results for your business and give you that competitive edge, even in the unique circumstances within which businesses are currently operating.

How Do I Improve My Local Search Ranking?

There is no panacea when it comes to the quest for the best Local SEO optimisation strategies. Each brand has different goals and therefore the means to achieve them will differ from customer to customer.

Search engines are constantly improving and fine-tuning their search algorithm, so even if we did have a solve-all answer, we’re sure that it wouldn’t be valid for very long.

Even though there are many variables, there are still some tools that are more commonly used than others. These are some of the top tools that can help you optimise your Local SEO:

Google My Business – According to The Local Marketing Institute, only 44% of businesses claimed their GMB listing which by itself can already give you a substantial advantage over your direct and indirect competition. With a GMB account, you will be able to increase the visibility of your brand on every Google-owned platform and the best part is that registration is free. The process could not be easier; you just need to fill in your business’ basic information and it becomes available to potential customers. Just remember that the quality of your rank will be directly related to the level of detail that you provide in your GMB account.

Localise your page consistently – One simple tactic to improve local rankings is to include information with your city, county or region name naturally throughout your website. Remembering to list your company address wherever possible but particularly in your contact page is very important. You would be surprised to know how easily this can be overlooked! So, the better you position yourself within your community, the more possibilities you have to rank well whenever a potential customer searches for terms that are related to your business. On the same note, consistency across multiple pages when it comes to naming, address and other geolocated details ensures a better organic ranking outcome.

Reviews are gold mines – Yet another tool that every business owner should be capitalising is the user-written comments and reviews feature under your location on Google Maps. Reviews on third-party platforms such as Yelp or Trip Advisor are also a great way in which to build authority online. The more people talk about your business online, the better it is for you. Even if a frustrated customer leaves a critical review, a  professional Community Management service can ensure that a bad first impression is transformed into long-term loyalty. This is one of the key services that we offer here at Webbiz, so drop us a line if you’d like us to help you on this front.

Local listings and backlinks – A great way in which to add Local SEO value to your page is by indexing it on third party listing websites. The best course of action for Irish small businesses is to register their company name and domain on multiple Irish local listing websites. To be featured in pages like indexireland, search.ie, browse.ie or globalirish, you will typically need to add basic pieces of information about your location, a general description, and a local number. Once your business is reachable through these platforms, you will be able to generate more genuine and natural backlinks to your page.

How Can Webbiz Help?

There are many tools that can help you to rank better through your Local SEO strategy. From small local businesses to big corporations, a one-size-fits-all strategy will not be effective in the fast-paced SEO field. That’s why you need a team of specialists on your side.

It is estimated that 56% of business owners don’t use their geolocalisation potential to the full. So, it’s even more fundamental to use differentiated strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Get in touch with the Webbiz team or give us a call and we’d be very happy to start working on your Local SEO strategy straight away.

Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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