Content means Connecting: 5 Reasons why Having a Website Matters

We picked the top 5 reasons why you should invest in a fully responsive, up to date website in 2021

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If a business doesn’t have an online presence, does it even exist? According to data, 6 out of 10 customers expect brands to provide online content from different sources. From those 6, more than half navigate straight to the company website. If you don’t have a modern platform for your customers to interact with, you could miss some golden opportunities. This is one of the aspects as to why social media management is of utmost importance.

Having a website is no longer a luxury: it is a necessity. If you are still on the fence or if you need to update your digital storefront, this blog will show that Webbiz can help you decide to go online for 2021.

1- Digital is (Currently) the Only Way

Let us begin with the elephant in the room: 2020 was not a good year for sales. In any market. Irrespective of it being a health issue, the pandemic was a massive blow to Irish businesses – particularly the ones that rely only on physical sales.

Even though there is hope on the horizon for 2021, with a vaccination plan already underway across the country, immunizing a whole country is a slow process. You need to solve the current problem to be able to reap the rewards in the future.

Developing a fully responsive, up to date website for your company is a short-term solution with long-term benefits. Not only do your customers expect it, without it you will be left behind. There is something we can all learn from 2020, nevertheless don’t let not having an online presence cost you any more business.

2- Build Credibility

Picture this, you are in the market for a new house, after months of hunting you finally find the perfect one. A selling price within your budget, a nice neighbourhood and meets all your family needs.

Now the catch, you can’t visit the house. Do you take the realtor’s word for it?

On a smaller scale, this is the rationale behind every purchase we make nowadays. We are a curious bunch, and being able to check reviews, images and the company behind any product and/or service is now a huge part of the consumer’s journey.

Having a website puts you in control of the narrative. Instead of relying on what other people say about your enterprise, you can help the potential audience learn more about you, be at ease with their informed decision and become a loyal customer.

3- More Leads and a Wider Reach

Another huge advantage of pivoting your business online is the capability of reaching a wider audience. Regardless of the market that your business operates in, a website makes closing sales nationwide, even internationally with the help of a supply network and a trusted web agency in Dublin. One of Ireland’s strengths lies in its integration – your company could be set in a small village located amidst a remote county and within a couple of hours, you can be in the capital or any other larger city.

E-commerce had a massive boost in 2020, and there are no signs this increase is slowing down anytime soon. Even with the increased online competition, the sheer volume of leads that have risen from this enhanced, intracity market is more than enough so that the market is still far from being saturated.

Furthermore, if your competition is already online, you need to fight fire with fire. The best way of having an edge in your market is by relying on one of the best web design agencies in Dublin Webbiz, who’s goal is to help Irish businesses thrive in 2021.

4- You are Available at the Click of a Button

Keeping up with the ever-evolving habit changes of an audience might be a challenge. The advantage of having a modern online presence is that a website is always available, no matter where your clientele is or which device they are using.

Modern websites are built with a mobile-first mentality. People still use desktops and your page will look astonishing on a larger screen, but it is a fact that smartphones have completely dominated access to the internet. If your website design isn’t responsive across all devices, the user experience will be lost.

Putting your business online has the added feature of being seamless and available 24/7. There are no business hours, no holidays and days off for e-commerce – once everything is set up, you can sit back and enjoy while leads are closed even when you are not actively pursuing them.

5- A Fighting Chance Against Huge Brands

A common worry among smaller businesses is that competing with the bigger market players is impossible. This is fake news. It’s no easy task, but not impossible.

Investing in a website not only gives your brand an online shop-window, but it also gives you a fighting chance against the competition. With the proper tools and planning, you can go toe to toe with giants such as Amazon.

So, how can small businesses stay afloat in the online arena? The key is to get noticed in search, this can be achieved through effective Search Engine Optimization & PPC. Look no further, choosing Webbiz as your Web Design Ireland Agency, you can rank ahead of the competition and drive sales that you would miss out on if your website does not exist.

The past few years have also seen a change of public opinion of larger companies – with many people deciding to support local Irish business rather than a multinational competition. By using our services, you can be part of this market revolution and increase sales and leads.

Webbiz is Here to Help

Doesn’t matter if you already have a website and are simply looking for a brand refresh or you are a newbie in the digital arena, Webbiz is here to help. Contact us and we can build a proposal for your needs. Together we will make your project a reality.

Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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