How Digital Marketing Works

Practice of using your online channels as marketing tools to drive leads


This blog post aims to broadly explain how digital marketing works in an effort to empower you to understand the importance of this discipline. As such, it presents aspects of digital marketing in general terms. When you contact Webbiz to go beyond the basic with your digital marketing strategy and online presence etc., we only ever make a custom and tailored plan for you. This is just one of many ways that our Dublin web agency can add value to your business.


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What is Digital Marketing?

This is the practice of using your online channels (website, social media channels etc.) as marketing tools to drive traffic, leads (and ideally conversions) to your business. It comprises of tailoring content such as copy, graphics, images and videos to capture the attention of your target audience(s). With their attention captured, you can convey your business offering to them while they are engaged with your brand and knowledgeable about what you do.

It is of paramount importance for any business in 2019 and beyond in that it works to let people know that your business is open and available for trading. In very simple terms; if you had a pen that you wanted to sell, how would you let people know that you have a pen available to sell? If people do not know what you are offering, they can’t know what to come to your business for. Digital marketing bridges that gap and is hugely effective at building and maintaining your brand and sales prospects.


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What methods are involved?

When wondering how digital marketing works, one should rethink how they view their online business channels. Take social media for example. In a personal sense we may use it to post status updates, share pictures with family and friends, repost a funny meme or GIF etc. While all of these aspects can be done with business social media accounts too, Webbiz digital marketing services takes them beyond the basic and mobilises them to gain traffic and leads for your business. How? By understanding what works for your audience, what they respond to, what time of day is best to target them and by keeping the business goals in focus.



With this, the content that is used at each of these touchpoints also needs to be poised and primed to work in this way. As you can see, it is more than simply posting at random to get the best results from your social media. This methodology also applies to every one of your business touchpoints online – including your website, newsletters, Google MyBusiness account, affiliate links and more. Webbiz can help as our digital marketing department are adept at each of these aspects.


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What results can I expect to see?

The great thing about having your online channels and digital marketing strategy mobilised is that its traction can be seen and measured through the likes of reach, clicks, engagement and more (analytics overall). You can expect an increase of traffic to your website, an increased amount of likes, comments, shares and messages on social media, an increased and improved presence on Google (as search engine optimisation can fold into digital marketing) and an overall more tangible conversation and awareness surrounding your brand and business online.



This brings with it a higher potential for sales and conversions with long-lasting impact in that more people will know about your brand to recommend it to friends and family. In tandem with this, you can expect a return on your digital marketing investment while your business is empowered with a professional appearance and strategy at all times. Essentially, this is how digital marketing works and it is how we here at Webbiz work to help all of our clients when it comes to the needs of their business and its potential for growth.


How Digital Marketing Works

Hugely effective when taken beyond the basic by the team at Webbiz, digital marketing can add huge value to your business. Big brands choose us to take this pain point away from their workload as they know they can rely on us to bring benefits to their business. Contact us using the form below for more information on how we can help you.

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