Link Building Strategy to Increase your Google Page Rank

Link Building Strategy and Techniques.

link-building-irelandLink Building Strategy will give your website a high chance in getting positioned better on search engines like Google, Bing and all others. Links are not everything in Search Engine Optimisation but they do hold a lot of weight in the search engines algorithms.

Organic Backlinks to your Website

An organic backlink links to your site from another website that is relevant to your content. For example if you are a solicitor, having a backlink from the governing body e.g. ” The Law Society of (your country)”, this link back to your site acts like a vote of confidence that your site is relevant to the legal services industry.

The advantages of having organic links to your website are endless but the most important ones are the links drive targeted traffic to your website, also search engines like Google  follow the links they find on other sites and consider a link from a related site a positive vote for your site.

Natural Links and Unnatural Links

Natural links are organic links and unnatural links are paid links from the likes of Natural backlinks will benefit the page rank of your site while unnatural links for a time may help but when Google or other search engines launch initiatives to test the backlinks to sites your site will drop out of the rankings and could become blacklisted. A good way to get quality natural links would be to join a conversation on a content relevant forum and contribute to it, the profile that you set up will link back to your website if they have follow links.

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