Grow Your Business With Nurture Marketing

Plant the seed and watch your potential customers grow into real customers and long-lasting relationships


Digital Marketing is a field seeded with keywords. Marketers love to come up with cool-sounding names for day-to-day tools. We don’t post on social media we create social content. There are no products, but rather solutions. While that sounds cool to insiders, sometimes the naming game can alienate our partners to the real potential of some of those solutions. This is the case with Nurture Streams.

Previously, we have highlighted the single-handed value of both  E-mail Marketing and Data-driven decisions. However, what happens when the two come together? By combining the information given by your audience with a bespoke e-mail campaign, you too can drive sales and even convert people who have lost interest in your product or service.

In today’s blog, we are all about Nurture. So if you want to recover lost sales and develop relationships with your potential audience, stay tuned to learn more:


Nurture what? 

Having access to the wide span of data and insight available on potential and existing customers comes with its downside. Consumers are less naive than what we might give them credit for. We aim to convince them with tools and strategies that we feel they won’t fully concept. However, there is no guarantee that providing more access to your offering and driving traffic to your website will lead to higher sales.

Take for example Apple. On the release of a new iPhone model, traffic to their website sky-rockets because curiosity gets the best of people. The big question is, however, how do big brands such as Apple nudge consumers along the path of conversion?

Let us enlighten you. The simple answer, Nurture streams. By presenting your product through multiple channels – or, to stay in marketing-lingo, touchpoints, a curious visitor can evolve into a long and lasting customer.


How to nurture clients and close sales

You don’t build long-lasting relationships with people by rushing things. And the same rings through for sales. Nurture streams are focused on people that have already shown an interest in your brand but did not close the deal, yet.

Imagine people who already open an account and are now in your CRM, but have yet to purchase something. You can target an e-mail about the products they left in the cart. By sharing relevant information through a tailor-made e-mail campaign, you will save that lead some time researching more details, testimonials and other steps we normally do when shopping online.

Even if they didn’t go to all the trouble of creating an account, it is possible to reach out on different touchpoints. Google ads, promoted posts on social media, AdWords, are other popular tools that allow new and interesting connections between your brand and potential leads.

The goal is not to bury your lead in a million different ads – we all went through something similar whenever you are stuck in the same ads rolling on YouTube non-stop. This is a clear example of brands trying to create a nurturing relationship with the potential users, and failing to understand that if you force it, nothing good will happen there.


Focus on what’s important while we do the hard work

These are delicate times. With the economy suffering from the impacts of the pandemic, every lead counts. That is why it is important to have the very best tools to establish connections and expand your audiences.

Webbiz is here to help Irish businesses thrive during this trial. Our team of specialists has a diverse background that will empower your company to navigate this storm and emerge even stronger after this pass. Contact us now, and together we can develop a project that fills your company’s needs.

Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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