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How can we help your brand stand out while avoiding the FOMO feeling.


Our intrinsic need for connection has taken a completely different dimension over the last few weeks as social distancing and working from home became the new norm. The Covid-19 pandemic is now at the centre of almost every online conversation, a new #coronavirus post appears on Twitter every 45 milliseconds and the hashtag is now the second most used of 2020. All online businesses had to adapt using an effective communication strategy that kept them relevant during the pandemic.

Every day, we are seeing increasingly creative ways in which people are communicating across the globe. Just this week we have seen Instagram introduce a feature that allows people to share posts via video chat. New hashtag challenges are popping up with every minute that goes by, with people in isolation creating humorous content and making the most out of a bad situation.

With the world on lockdown, brands need to find new ways of connecting with their audience. Although it may feel reassuring to cling to proven marketing tactics, traditional methods become somewhat obsolete in exceptional situations like this.

In this week’s blog post, we will discuss effective marketing strategies and how we can help your brand stand out while avoiding the FOMO feeling.

Effective Communication Marketing Strategies

Large companies such as Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb have had to use effective communication marketing strategies to change how things are done in our everyday lives and make an impact in the way we do business.

Indeed, Netflix challenged the way we access entertainment; Airbnb gave the world a more accessible way of traveling; and Uber changed the taxi-dominated private transport sector.  The world around us is evolving and people change with it.

In the age of the customer, the need for brands to “break the rules” and step away from the more traditional methods of marketing is becoming increasingly more significant. Effective marketing strategies allow brands to tell a unique story while engaging with people by setting new standards, and if executed successfully it can be a key element in a brand’s differentiation strategy.

Nike mastered the art of disruption by creating emotional appeal that resonates with the target audience. For instance, the “The Wonder Woman of Vogue” campaign featured a collaboration with Leiomy Moldonado, a transgender Vogue artist and ballroom dancer, to promote the #BeTrue collection in addition to celebrating Pride Month.


What is Appropriate Right Now?

In times of uncertainty, people instinctively turn to peers or leaders for direction and reassurance. However, what are audiences expecting from brands? Doubtlessly, situations like these should not be capitalised by brands for marketing purposes. On the contrary, they should be seen as opportunities to realign their strategy, get a better understanding of who they want to be and the role that they play in people’s lives.

In a recent report conducted by Sprout Social, 91% of respondents stated that they believe in the power that social media has to connect people. Moreover, 78% stated that they want brands to use social to bring people together. These statistics highlight the importance of connecting with audiences through relevance.

During these times of uncertainty, brands are stepping up to help. From supermarkets like Lidl and SuperValu introducing priority shopping for the elderly to brands like Freshly Chopped and Domino’s delivering free food to frontline workers; brands are doing what they can.

Stay True to Your Brand

It is very easy for a brand to get caught up in the turmoil. However, it’s important to have a finger on the pulse of the conversation and taking time to evaluate your brand values before identifying which role to play in the crisis. More importantly, it is vital to understand if your audience needs or wants something from you.

Your contribution could be as simple as tips on maintaining productivity whilst working remotely, online exercise classes or simply a distraction from the current situation. It is important however, to ensure consistency and making sure that your quest for market visibility doesn’t harm your brand’s voice.

Don’t Exploit the Situation

We are all in this together. Exploiting fear to make a quick buck is not only unempathetic and wrong, but it is also extremely short-sighted. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a company.

Brands should be practicing emotional intelligence to understand more how their audience is feeling. Not every brand is able to provide tangible help, but a simple message that resonates with your public and illustrates your empathy and compassion may do wonders.

How Can Webbiz Help You With Your Goals

We are living in a dynamic world. The rate at which technology is changing the way we live is captivating. However, for brands it is becoming progressively more difficult to differentiate themselves in saturated and over-crowded markets. This is where disruptive marketing can help.

The Webbiz team has the necessary experience to ensure that your audience gets to know about you and what your brand stands for.

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