How To Migrate Your WordPress from a Local install to a Server

How to Migrate a WordPress Website from localhost to a server


Learn from our team of Pro’s – how to Migrate your WordPress site.

If you need to Migrate your website generally means your in one of two situations, you need to move from a local setup (you built the site on your computer) or from server to server ( to Either way, a WordPress migration is not as tough as you may think, once you know how that is.

If you are a WordPress ninja or a server guru your best bet is to jump over to the WordPress Codex and read the Jargon filled version of this tutorial.

Steps by step guide: 

1. Buy hosting
2. Export Database
3. Zip up the website files if your host company has a upload facility.
4. Download FileZilla
5. Import Database
6. Upload and/or extract files to the server
7. Run the SQL search and Replace Tool (Be site to delete when the site is live)
8. Change permalinks on and off to reset the .htacces file

Now your WordPress website should be successfully migrated from MAMP Local host to a web server and live on the web for all to see!

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