Exploring the New Google Search

Results will benefit from the addition of branding as website favicons will form part of the result

Exploring the New Google Search

Towards the end of May 2019, Google will be rolling out some changes to their search feature. These new Google search changes are important to take note of and action for any website owner as they affect both paid search results (i.e. Google Ads) as well as organic listings.


What is changing in the new Google search?

The main changes will appear on a visual level and relate to how search results will now be displayed on what is known as the SERP (search engine results page). This page is the list of results that appear when you search for a word(s) or term in Google. In terms of paid search results, the older layout including the signature green font colour that would denote ‘Ad’ is changing. Organically, results will benefit from the addition of branding as website favicons will form part of the result. Both of these changes are explained in more detail below.

Organic Listings

Google will now showcase your website favicon alongside any organic results that your website and webpages appear for on the SERP. A favicon is a small icon that most websites have that appears in the tab of a browser. As it is a small snippet of branding, it is usually displayed as the logo of a company and would make use of company colours etc. To get your favicon to display in the new Google search layout, some code is required to be added to the header section of your website. This code will need to include a couple of different options so that the favicon displays correctly on different mobile devices and operating systems.

new google search organic results display as seen on the google serp

Note that this is not a frivolous task as you can be assured that your competitors will enable this to have a stronger branded presence organically online. Contact us here at Webbiz as our developers can implement this for you so that you stay ahead of the curve and that your website can survive and thrive online. It is important to action updates like this, however small they may seem, so that your website does not get blown away by the winds of change.

Paid Listings

Google Ads most commonly appear at the top of the SERP (they can also appear at the bottom). Traditionally, these were highlighted as ads with the word ‘Ad’ in green surrounded by a box with the URL of the webpage next to it also in green – positioned under the meta title of the webpage. The newer display will instead move the word ‘Ad’ and the corresponding URL on top of the meta title and will be presented in black (with ‘Ad’ being in bold to make it stand out). With this, it will arguably be even clearer to see what is an ad as it will state this as the very start of the result listing as opposed to it sitting under the meta title of the ad as before.

new google search paid results display as seen on the google serp

It should also be noted that with the addition of the favicons as discussed above for organic listings, it becomes even clearer to differentiate between both paid and organic listings. Website owners and digital marketers should keep this in mind when considering the visual impact of their online strategies and how those using the new search layout may navigate these new options. If you require any assistance in this regard, we have a dedicated digital marketing department who can implement a strategy for your website and online presence to help drive traffic and leads to your business.


Exploring the New Google Search

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