The Importance of Pay Per Click and Beyond

PPC, the secret acronym that can give your business the visibility online that it needs


Pay-per-click advertising is nothing new, but how and where you are using it makes all the difference.

PPC advertising via the top-notch Google Adwords interface can either sink your online marketing budget or make your business stand out head and shoulders above the competition.

However, that being said here are a few important things to note first – Ad formats:

  1.  Text ads simple ads with a text-only display work on the Google Search network.
  2. Responsive ads – As the name implies (we will be getting into more detail on this in our next Blog article) a responsive advert that adjusts to the size of the device it is viewed on.
  3. Image ads – Very easy to spot adverts, only on the Google display network these ads utilises GIF images or static images
  4. App Promotion ads – Get app downloads and push new frontiers with this later addition to Adwords.
  5. Video Ads – Ever wonder how those nifty little videos show up when you are browsing certain sites? Yes, you guessed it.  Only available on the Google Display and Google partners network.
  6. Product shopping adverts – This one will only work if you have an E-commerce store, but work well it does.
  7. Showcase Shopping advertising – This works when people are searching where to buy, instead of what to buy. It expands to show you several options.
  8. Shopping product ads – On the right-hand sidebar, showcase your products here with a simpler advert than the above.
  9. Call Only ads – as you might imagine this simply means, an advert that will correspond to your niche market when searched and will display a short advert with your number only, no link!

Taking the aforementioned into consideration, the how and where is covered.  But how about the when, do you know when your ideal customers will be online, searching for businesses just like yours?

Do you know what keywords they will be punching into Google to find your services, but yep you’re not there, are you?

Now as promised in our previous Blog article, how SEO and PPC tie together.  The very simple answer is this:

Pay-per-click ads = Pay to get to the top and with some clever wordsmithing and the right budget.

Search Engine Optimisation = Pay SEO specialists to work the keywords that you would be using on PPC and (around 200 other points to rank) into your site and it will show up there Organically.


This is the essential difference between Paid and organic advertising via Google

Now the real secret in the secret sauce here is, how to make BOTH works for you!  Whilst both work fine independently, working them in tandem is a sure cut way to get to the top.

A few top tips for the three types of online business owners:

TIP 1: You are a complete newbie and thinking about launching your site:

Our TIP:  SEO starts from day 1 – Our team starts on strategising and research long before your site is launched!  Starting your site on a good SEO first foot out the door approach is going to get you results, not only is your site going to rank well (with time) organically but our SEO guys will already have the right tools, landing pages and level of optimisation with a marketing first approach that your site will be doing really well, and not dwindle at the bottom of the 5th page when you launch it … (ps:  nobody goes past the first page)

TIP 2:  You have a site, but you are not seeing any organic leads or paid leads coming in from your site.

Our TIP:  Either your site is absolutely rubbish or you need a serious SEO and PPC rescue kit!  You want to get your site optimised for SEO and PPC, YESTERDAY! Many people (bless them) think just having a website is enough to get to the top and be noticed, the truth is… this is a very flawed perspective.

Our team will set to work to outlay a strategy on how to get you back on track and dominating.

TIP 3:  I just can’t get my site on page 1!

Our TIP:  Same as above, call us now we will be waiting 🙂

We hope we have been able to shed some more light on the topic and that you understand a little better of what it is you need to do for your SEO and PPC for your business website.

Next Monday the journey continues and we look at what it really means to have a Mobile friendly site, and why your site being mobile friendly affects your SEO ranking.

Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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