ROPO – Research Online Purchase Offline

Customers have almost endless options when it comes to shopping online. What about offline?


Have you heard of ROPO? It stands for research online purchase offline and it is a known trend of modern buyer behaviour. When it comes to shopping centre websites, a stellar user experience (UX) can bolster this ROPO effect in your favour by driving traffic to your website and footfall to your shopping centre. As a custom website design and digital agency has designed and deployed the website for Dublin’s famous Jervis shopping centre; here Webbiz show you this can be achieved.


Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO) Explained

With the possibility to browse products at any time using a smartphone, customers have almost endless options when it comes to shopping online. However what the online arena does not provide them with is the opportunity to view a product in person, to touch it, to gauge its size or to try it on etc. High-ticket items can be seen as more of a risk to purchase online too without seeing them in person as they require the customer to part with larger sums of money. Due to these factors, many people tend to research products online and then purchase the product offline in a traditional brick and mortar outlet.


User Experience (UX) Explained

When designed and deployed by a web design company like Webbiz, websites are built with a conscious user experience (UX) with content and design elements that are tailored to spur visitors to take a certain action. When it comes to shopping centre websites then, the UX should ideally entice them to want to visit your shopping centre and make purchases there. In order to achieve this, it should empower their potential visit by clearly highlighting the likes of opening hours, directions, parking options and contact details. In tandem with this, it should display the shops within the centre and any sales, offers and promotions happening within them.


Your Shopping Centre Website

Custom built with both ROPO and UX at the forefront, your shopping centre website as designed by Webbiz is poised and primed to result in footfall to your shopping centre. It gives potential customers the best first impression possible with a slick and responsive interface that draws the visitor deeper into your branding and offering to convert them into customers. You can see our work for the Jervis shopping centre here and contact us below.

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