Why do you need a mobile website

Responsive web design is a must for your companies business

Recently Google updated their site search results to clearly show who has a mobile site and who doesn’t.

Responsive website designResponsive website design


See that little green phone icon above? Well, that is now going to let visitors know if there is a mobile site at the other end of that link, and believe it or not, this is going to persuade people to click elsewhere if your link doesn’t have one.

Another reason why you need a mobile responsive website is down to the fact that Google is considering it in the ranking of your site, you see their mandate is to deliver relevant content and deliver the best user experience at the same time! They know the exponential acceleration of mobile browsing so it’s clear that this is what they want to deliver to their users.

So what is a responsive web design? Well, it’s a site that adapts to all the different screen sizes by using clever code. This code is called media queries.

These media queries can be added to your existing site, I would suggest a responsive website redesign as it will probably cost the same price.

So in short, you need a responsive website designed, and fast!

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