What is Responsive Website Design?

The website should respond correctly and swiftly to maintain a stellar UX


What is responsive website design?

This is where the design of your website responds in every way that it should. As such, it means that it responds to whatever device type it is visited on (both desktop and mobile) with the design fitting perfectly and displaying properly on any screen size. Responsive website design can also relate to how it performs at all times. For example, when a visitor clicks/taps on something – the website should respond correctly and swiftly to maintain a stellar user experience (UX).

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Responding to Device Types

Webbiz is a web agency in Dublin and specialises in website design services to help improve your website works responsively (and perfectly) on both desktop and mobile devices. This is the gold standard of website design for businesses in 2019, therefore we do not design in any other way. There is no usage of themes and templates with our specialist design and development team. Ensuring websites respond to any device type is so important today in that consistent reports and studies show that mobile usage is now the new normal in terms of both browsing and shopping online.

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Did you know that your website being mobile responsive also helps towards your overall search engine optimisation (SEO) score? As the design will load and function properly on mobile devices, it should be swift and speedy in terms of loading times too (we have proven client metrics in this regard which can in our Projects section). You will see that some elements that are displayed on the desktop version of your design will adapt when displayed on mobile. A menu of tabs on the desktop design may become a more condensed ‘hamburger menu’ on the mobile design for example.

Responding to Visitors

How frustrating is it when you click/tap on a button or link etc. on a website and nothing happens or it brings you to the wrong place? Of course, you do not want your business website to be a source of frustration like this. That is why a responsive design also makes sure that each and every element works and responds as it should in terms of visitor interaction. This facilitates a very strong UX and makes for a proper and professional first impression of your business and brand for new website visitors (who as you know are potential customers).

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Responsiveness shows that your business website is built with a customer focus in that it is attuned to their needs and ready to react to them. This means that when a visitor goes to access your live chat feature, for example, it either connects to an agent or displays an out-of-office message as appropriate. Likewise ensuring that all links work and bring visitors to the correct destinations makes for an additional layer of responsiveness and function. This can boost your chances of generating leads and conversions as visitors see they are dealing with a polished and professional business as demonstrated by their website.


Responsive Website Design

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