Search Engine Optimisation for Website Images

 Search Engine Optimisation for your Website Images.

Great search engine optimisation  (SEO) relies  on a strict adherence to search engine guidelines which, if followed can boost your websites page ranking and  gain you impressions on you website. What I want to talk about is how to get your website images the rank they deserve, after all you have put a lot of effort into designing them and if they are on your website you’re proud of them.

When you go on to Google image search and look for a particular image lets say “coffee cup”  you will be shown loads of images so how did Google know what to show you?

Image Search Engine Optimisation is all based on the image name and the images alternative text or alt attribute.  The search engine is looking at both the name and alternative text in order to rank the image in a category ready for the search we did previously.

This is how an image  and its alt attribute looks in HTML

<img src=“coffeecup.png” alt=“Coffee Cup”  title=“Coffee Cup”>

coffee cup
Coffee Cup

Image Search Engine Optimisation is made very easy when using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, when you simply  upload an image into the media gallery where you have the option to type in the image title, caption, alternative text and even a description.

Providing all this  detail mean your image can be in the mix for this search and when someone clicks to view it they are only one more click away from your website.

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