SEO & Social Media: A Complicated but Perfect Relationship

To bridge the Digital Marketing schism, we compiled a reasonable guide to merge your SEO and Social media strategy.

SEO & Social Media: A Complicated but Perfect Relationship

For the uninitiated, digital marketing might be seen as a unified toolset that can be applied similarly across every project to improve results and profits for a customer. However, there is a schism in digital marketing that shaped the industry for years: SEO and Social Media.

On one side, we have the camp of SEO enthusiasts, with their optimized links, page rankings and tactics for improving every piece of content on any website. On the other, Social Media savants, with a keen eye for developing viral content with engagement, sharing and likes as their primary directive.

This dispute has its roots in a fundamental concept for marketing websites: according to Google specialists, Social media content does not interfere in SEO rankings. With that in mind, each tool is completely independent of another, and the success of SEO strategies might not mean anything for your Social Media presence, and vice-versa.

However, that cannot be further from the truth. Intending to unify all marketing tribes, our team at Webbiz has compiled a reasonable guide to help SEO and Social media come to terms and boost your online success:

1. The Difference Between Strategies

For years, those two camps had some sort of cold war in the marketing playfield, with each side claiming they are the best tool for improving results online. Every time Social media developed a new tool, SEO seemed to respond with yet another process to make their optimization even better.

A Social Media strategy is fundamentally based on providing organic validation to your content by linking across multiple platforms. With the goal of primarily raising awareness through viral content, engagement and sharing to top it all, Social media is focused on long-term solutions via the growing of an audience of fans and supporters of a brand, company or product. It is more a continuous process that will improve and evolve whenever the audiences migrate to different social media providers.

As the name says it, a Search Engine Optimization strategy is developed around search platforms – which 99,9% of the time means Google. By focusing on improving your content, SEO strategists can assure better rankings to any website. While there are multiple long-term solutions for SEO, most times teams test and try out multiple combinations of Tags and keywords that can be changed in a short-term capacity.

When talking about sharing online content, there is no one solution to every different issue. Some business prefers a social media-focused strategy, others tend to prefer SEO. Both have their strong suits to be highlighted and flaws to be fixed.

2. How Social Media Affects SEO

But what is the result with we aim to combine an optimized website with an engaging social media strategy? For long, most marketers were under the impression that the two were mutually exclusive – for starters, one deals with proprietary websites, and the other is gated on social networks that do not rank particularly well on Google.

Those so-called facts were always questioned by specialists that saw that the day-to-day results deviated from this set in stone reality. These questions and misconceptions lasted until 2018 when a study by Hootsuite put to test the validity of SEO lack of connectivity with Social Media. What the team behind the test realized changed forever the way we see both marketing tools.

According to the research, a well-planned Social Media post can increase up to 22% the effectiveness of SEO strategies when compared to posts that do not rely on this tactic. In a world of ever-increasing content, this is an incredible edge to have and develop for your business.

3. How to Implement a Social SEO Strategy

The foundings on Hootsuite’s research showed that Social Media, while not directly impacting page rankings, is a perfect support tool for your content. While the connection between the two is indirect, the benefits of developing a joint plan are fundamental to long-term success.

Social Media has a pivotal role in regards to the realms of brand recognition, visibility, geographic SEO and content lifespan. Better results on those factors will always be productive to an overall strategy.

By having an improved Social Media presence, the chances your company will be queried on Google are significantly better, which will improve its overall page ranking. The shorter copy utilized on social media ensures that your original content can be divided and developed towards multiple posts, which by linking back to your website will generate a longer lifespan for your content, and boost organic traffic and visibility.

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