How to separate your Brand from the Digital Flock?

Does your brand stand out, or blend in?


The following is our Guide on what factors determine the positioning of your Brand online and how to make your Brand stand out from your competition.

Business visibility checklist:

  • Does your Brand have a website or an online store?
  • Has your Brand been designed and developed by a professional Digital Agency?
  • Does your Branding reflect your business?
  • Is your Brand present and visible on Social Media
  • Is your Brand interacting with its potential clients on Social Media?
  • Is your Website’s SEO strategy effective and are you visible on the first page of Google?
  • Is your Brand visible on Google Maps?
  • Is your Brand utilizing Google AdWords?
  • Is your Brand releasing regular updates relevant to your clients and your Brand?
  • Is your Brand blogging at least once a week?

If you cannot answer yes to at least 3 of these, your Brand is not only NOT competing online, and your Brand is not visible online.

We recommend several methods to improve this.  Over the years we have developed tried and tested methodologies to successfully take your brand online, and competitively match and outmatch your competition through due diligence.

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