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Brand design is about expressing Personality, Reputation and Values

Communication is where the Brand Design Process starts

Brand design is the guide character in its own story. Like any story character, it has values and beliefs. Realising how to analyse, characterise and present your brand is another way of defining what it stands for. Most brands fall into one or a blend of some character types.

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Market Research: Competitors & Culture

Market Research is the process of gathering, analysing and interpreting information about a market. Competitors, target market culture and user market preferences are all analysed with a view to how they will respond to your product or service being offered.



Brainstorming different brand directions

Put together the creative team and spread all ideas into sketchbooks & whiteboards. In this stage, all ideas are acceptable as an idea.

We never close our minds and say “no” without even considering.


An efficient way to define a client’s visual taste and expectations with regards to their preferences for colour, composition, trends style and typography.


Sketching & Experimentation with concepts

Following the brainstorming session, time is devoted to reviewing and reflection of the ideas generated where we filter out the good from the not so good.



This is when we transfer the ideas generated to the Sketchpad software  or Adobe Illustrator.

Identification and Gathering of  Symbol  Options

Since the beginning of time, civilisations have used various forms of symbols to aid communication and we are no different today.

We spend time gathering the symbols and imagery that is relevant to your specific business and services and we implement them into our design for your website.

Using symbols instead of words presents an immediately recognisable image for a particular service



Typeface choice is an essential part of logo design. It imparts a personality to a logo that helps reinforce your brand. Similarly, typeface choice in a company’s communications which is part of it’s corporate identity specifications, needs to reflect the tone, look and feel that has been established to tell the brand story so far.

Preparation of all the options for clear visual Presentation


Export and send all the vector files

(web & print) .AI .EPS .PDF .JPEG






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