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Target real customers through Facebook marketing. By targeting and re-targeting the people who are closer to a sale will ensure success.

Why Facebook marketing for your business?

Facebook marketing as a service has dominated the Social Media Marketing scene for the last 6 years.

With over 2.2 billion monthly users the Facebook platform has grown from strength to strength. As Statista.com has put it, Facebook not only dominates but was the first social engagement platform to hit over a billion users in 2012.

There is Facebook marketing and then there is Facebook marketing handled by experts who specialise in this marketing platform.

Understanding Facebook marketing starts with firstly understanding the goal that you want to achieve.

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Do you own a large organisation? Are you looking to engage more with your existing customers and connect with new ones? Or are you a small ‘from home’ business just starting out?

The amazing thing is, Facebook is not biased. It gives all kinds of businesses, both small and large an equal and sturdy foothold into marketing your business.

The following are a list of the ‘turn-key’ services that Webbiz offer through Facebook Marketing:

  • A creative platform that has no limits in terms of reach.
  • A wide range of options to help define your brand and to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Paid advertising and organic options that will suit every business: by using the Facebook Business Manager, you can add members of your team as Admin so to oversee each and every action in real time.

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  • Credibility and Localisation; depending on your Location, Facebook allows you to verify your Facebook page as a legitimate company. It assigns a grey tick for a local business, and a blue tick for large internationals with multiple branches.
  • Direct messaging options that reflect your brands emphasis on promptness.
  • Brand your page with Video Headers, Image Sliders or a Static Image.
  • Give your business a unique Username that makes your easy to find.
  • Give your audience a voice: Facebook is the perfect platform where your customers can come to you to complain or compliment you, giving you the ability to reply, assist and solve any PR crisis as it happens.
  • Define your business with keywords that sets you apart.

In addition to the myriad of options available to Admins for Organic Searches, Event Creation, and Live Streaming etc., Facebook also boasts its very own tailor made Pay per Click engine which many might say not only rivals but surpasses Google AdWords.

We favour Facebook Marketing over any other platform for the following reasons;

  • Local business advertising:
    • Through the use of Geolocation and based on the metrics chosen you can target specific markets / demographics, who live within a certain radius of your business, with particular likes and dislikes, to engage with your page.
  • Lead generation:
    • Create a custom form, with specific metrics on the questions you need to ask your next lead.
    • Integrate with the largest CRM’s to optimise your sales funnel.
  • Facebook Pixel (conversion campaigns).
    • Retarget users who have visited your site, on Facebook. Ever wonder why you see pop up ads on Facebook for something you were just looking at? That’s how.
  • Target users directly in Messenger:
    • Give them easy access to you and your business from day one.
  • Get Focussed:
    • With Facebook’s integrated and intricate reporting and analytical abilities, you have the power to see who looked at your content, when they viewed it, how they viewed it and even what the probability is of them remembering your content is.
    • Data; it’s all about Data and that’s exactly what you are given, in a clear and concise real time environment.

There are hundreds of options for you to get your message out on Facebook and it is without doubt the most cost effective way of reaching your target audience.

A well-managed, professionally set up and optimised Facebook page can earn your business a massive Return on Investment (ROI) while still keeping that personal touch.

In conclusion Facebook is ahead of the game in so many ways, and once integrated with a well designed and developed website there are no limits with where your business can go.

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