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Tangibility & Scalability in Mobile Design

Discover the Problem & Define the Solution

Through our Discovery process, we are able to determine the revenue goals for your business and based on this we can develop workable and viable methods to solve those identified problems.

Great UX is our Priority

When it comes to setting up the scenario where we design Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) prototype, we stick with our refined workflow. Before we  even start designing and sketching, we delve deep into our client’s background so to understand their core values, their audience, their competitors, and their milestones. To achieve that, each step in the process is imperative to forming a clear overview of our client’s business. We analyse areas such as Client Research, Market Research, User Research, Development of Personas and Creation of the User Flow & Fluxogram.

Client, Market & User Research

The process of gathering, analysing and interpreting data about a market, a particular product or service to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for that product or service;


Develop Personas & User Journey

Identification of ideal scenarios for completing critical tasks.

Gym Member Login - User Journey



Formation of the creative team and transfer all ideas generated into sketchbooks & whiteboards.  All suggestions are acceptable at this stage with nothing being disregarded. We view every suggestion as a potential golden nugget.

Sketching & Experimentation of concepts

Review and reflection on ideas and suggestions generated. A ‘filtering out’ of the good from the not so good is done at this stage too.


Wireframes & Mockups

Collaboration with content strategies to determine what content should be available on each page within the site architecture.


User Interface (UI) Begins: Moodboards

An efficient way to define a client’s visual taste and expectations regarding layouts, colours, composition, trends style and typography.


UI – Make it splendid

The user interface (UI) is designed and then translated into a functioning platform that is ready to be implemented on the app. Thanks to our Design Team’s excellent eye for beauty and functionality, the final result will be exciting, functional and aesthetically pleasing. All this adds to the desired enhanced user experience. We design for the content, convert and action elements, implement the creative part of UI design, action user onboarding essentials.

Action Elements: Interactions & Transitions

Every click the user makes on a website should be informative and for this reason we implement all types of animations to gauge are used to react their actions.



Webbiz webdesign Services
Webbiz webdesign Services

Motion: SVG Animation


Animations can communicate better than a thousand images, sometimes with a storytelling, sometimes with a subtle movement in the background.

Prototype & Presentation

Prepare all screens to present and visually explain each concept in the clearest way. Link up all the app design screens; Test usability by sharing mobile app prototypes with users and asking for feedback on an assumption we’ve made;


Feedback Development

Absorb all comments and feedback



Getting final approval



Export and deliver assets to our geeks

(web best practice) .Sketch .PNG .SVG .JPEG .PSD .PDF

Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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