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The hitchhiker's guide to PPC Advertising

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Agency Dublin
Google Adwords pay per click platform require deep industry knowledge to create and refine a well optimised Pay Per Click campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing or Search Engine Marketing, is a practice that falls under our core digital marketing package.

PPC employs the use of Google Adwords pay per click platform to strategise, structure, target and direct Google search traffic to your specified landing pages. This is a highly effective strategy used to convert that traffic into paying clients.

By utilising existing data that shows us what your market are searching for with regards to the services or products you offer, we can target your market through paid advertising. This enables your business to rank higher than your competitors who rely solely on organic searches.

The implementation of the PPC on your site is proven to significantly increase traffic to your site which ultimately leads to more conversions.

Under the PPC or Google AdWords marketing platform, there are two distinct options for you to choose from. Depending on your preference, your target market, and how you want your adverts to display.

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 Google Search Network

Google is any digital agency’s first port of call when is comes to researching ads that display key ‘keywords’ in relation to identifying ‘user behaviour’ and what they are searching for with regards to your service or product.  It is through this research and the identification of those keywords that allows us to specifically target your market via the ads your users see.

Google Display Network

The display network works similarly on the basis of keywords or phrases used, however displays image and video ads instead of static text ads.

The variables available depends on your country’s  location and the type of advert used.

The key benefit here also is the Google display network.

Why AdWords works

“Google AdWords has been a proven method to garner more leads and exposure to your Business for many years.

Not only does it allow you to target existing searches, it also allows you to re-market to those leads and bring them back to the products and services landing pages. For example, our client Stillorgan Décor could have specific product pages be their target to draw users in.  

One of the key things to understand about PPC advertising is, you only pay for the clicks you get, in other words an online bidding system” – article by Google on PPC

Webbiz Ireland can help you reach your ideal target market – the very customers that are looking for your services or products. We do this by putting your business in front of them when they are ready to buy.

Once off set up:

  • PPC Audit
  • PPC Strategy
  • AdWords Set up
  • AdWords Optimization



Monthly Services:

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Groups Set up and Optimisation
  • Keyword Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation (display ads)
  • Copywriting for text and display ads
  • Video ads (country permitting)
  • Active Monitoring of active ads
  • Bid Adjustment (real time)
  • Keyword Adjustments (if applicable)
  • Monthly Reporting

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