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Search Engine Optimisation is part of your long term plan for digital success

Search Engine Optimisation Google Results
Google organic traffic out weights other traffic sources. – We like to see upwards of 40% of traffic being organic.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for Website Success

SEO should be a top priority when developing a new website. Afterall your website needs a great search engine optimisation strategy in order for search engines like Google to index and rank your company well. 70% to 75% of search engine users are using Google as their primary search engine – Smart Insights

What is SEO?

SEO is a process of structuring your websites copy, images and meta (descriptive) information to conform to the rules of the major search engines like Google. For example the keyword “Search Engine Optimisation ” is related to this service so it’s content is heavily optimised for that term.

By sticking to the rules and using techniques that are proven to work, we can increase your Page Rank and decrease your companies advertising spend while generating more site visits through organic search results.



Organic SEO click through rate
Organic impressions netting close to 20% click through rate (CTR) for one of clients in the Leisure Business.


Pairing Services

Combining Search Engine Optimisation with Search Engine Marketing is the best way to ensure a healthy lead/sales pipeline. Once these services are paired clients usually see much higher volumes of organic (free) traffic to their websites versus paid traffic.

Organic Sessions via search engine optimisation
Every SEO project will have a monthly status update and we will be looking to get to results similar to this client.


What is local SEO?

Local SEO means to target the potential customers for your business in a known location, an example of this is the keyword “SEO Ireland“, by using Ireland as a keyword we are selecting the location that we wish to promote our products in too.



Why do I need an Search Engine Optimisation Strategy?

People that are searching online are in the market for a product or service that you provide, so if you are not showing up on the first page you are definitely missing out on sales.


Getting started with SEO

When you are looking to get a website developed be sure to have plenty of copy ready, copy is simply text written about your products or services. This text is what will get you the page rank your website deserves, well it will once we’re done optimising it.

We have provided SEO services to many business from multi location gyms , corporate law firms to large business to customers’ eCommerce companies. We believe that website development and SEO go hand in hand, that is why our team use proven SEO development strategies on all our projects.

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