Social Media Audit

Start your Marketing Journey with a Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit
A sample social media audit result for a competitor of a client, we used this as our first KPI.

What is a Social Media Audit and why do you need one?

A Social Media Audit is required for us to establish a baseline of the current standing of your Social Media presence.

In addition to the above, a Social Media Audit also provides the essential data needed enable our Digital Marketing teams to construct your core Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies.

Let one of our Social Media Auditing experts review your social presence

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The following will establish the baseline:

  • What Social Media Pages are currently being utilised?
    • Of those:
      • Which are currently producing fresh and relevant content?
      • Have they been fully integrated into your website? However if you do not  have a website, read more here on our Website Design & Development Services
      • Are the Social Medial pages all connected to each other?
        • If so, to what extent and is there room for improvement?
      • Are your Social Media pages relevant to your brand and producing backlinking traffic – for more on this see SEO. 
    • The following are also analysed while conducting a Social Media Audit;
      • Follower count for each platform
      • Response time (Facebook only)
        • Suggestions on how to optimise response time – response time should never be more than one hour – instantly or under 90 seconds is considered good
      • Page and domain verifications (Facebook only)
      • Business Manager – Campaign Manager set up
        • If so, Ad accounts set up and
        • Pixel set up for re-marketing (Facebook only)
    • Twitter:
      • Follower count
        • Recent tweets
        • Recent Mentions
        • Recent Moments
    • Tone – Very important

Our team will literally deconstruct your online social presence then rebuild it, only better. You will be provided with a list of optimisations, additions, integrations and a strategy that will see you both competing and winning new business online that you have never seen before.


Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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