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Our website consultancy service will give you exactly what you are looking for

By conducting many website consultations we have developed a 7 Stage Process. It is during this website consultancy service that we learn as much about your business as possible. This allows us to tailor our service to meet your business needs and goals exactly.

During the consultations we will tap into a range of services from design & development to marketing & aftercare.

We have refined the web consultancy service to uncover not only the pain points of your individual business but also help reveal and uncover valuable insights into how to make your business better and ultimately increase revenue.


Stage 1 – Discovery


Webbiz Consultancy Service Stage 1 - Discovery

After initial contact, our Head of Sales and Marketing will call you for a preliminary discussion about your requirements. This a 15 / 20-minute introductory call to get an overview of your business and target market.

A meeting will then be set up to go through your business as it is now and what you hope to achieve. This will be quite in-depth and will cover areas such as current website, traffic, target market, current sales, desired sales, business goals, available budget and timeline of the project should it go ahead.

As a highly experienced digital business consultants we can provide valuable insight into all business and commercial sectors. We will outline specific strengths and weaknesses of your business, we will identify areas that need improvement along with some insightful marketing ideas that can be incorporated into your business website plan and marketing strategy once you get started.

Following this meeting, a bespoke proposal will be prepared which will incorporate both your requested requirements and suggested requirements for your new site which were discussed with you in the discovery meeting.

From there we will arrange to meet you again to go through the proposal and answer any questions you may have with regards to the quotation provided, service offered and timeline.



Stage 2 – Planning



Webbiz Consultancy Service Stage 2 - Planning

The Planning Stage is exactly that, you will discuss exactly what you want in terms of design, logo, content etc.,. Your ideas and those generated in the Discovery Stage will be explored and documented and you will then be given an indication of how long the entire process will take.


Stage 3 – Design



Webbiz Consultancy Service Stage 3 - Design

Following planning, it is now over to our very talented team of designers who are experts in a vision to reality transformation. They will get to work on designing a selection of logos (one of which will ultimately become over time, instantly recognizable as your unique brand identity), icons, color themes, page layout, and a whole host of other cool features that you probably never envisioned as a possibility. It really is amazing what can be done these days.

Thanks to the Discovery Stage providing such deep insight into your business, the design team are perfectly equipped with the knowledge and insight to design a website that will reflect your business’s personality, your professionalism, and your vision.

On completion of this stage, you will be invited to meet again to go over the designs for your new website. You will be shown a visual representation of what it will look like with an explanation of where any particular features and functions will be or what they can do.

It is at this stage that you have the opportunity make changes or have additional features added, any change is possible no matter how small or big, however, please note that any changes additional to those discussed at the Discovery Stage, will incur a further cost.

Once the details of the design have been agreed we move on to the next stage.

Stage 4 – Development



Webbiz Consultancy Service Stage 4 - Development

Now the exciting stage of Development starts when all the ideas and features discussed in earlier consultancies will be brought to life. Our highly talented and experienced developers will get to work on making your vision a reality and building the bespoke website that will put your business firmly on the map and set you apart, for all the right reasons, from your competitors.

At various stages in the process, you will be given an opportunity to review and refine details in the development. The expected timeline for development is 8 weeks, however, this timeframe may, or could be extended if additional features or functions are requested that had not been previously agreed on or the scope of works needs to change direction for some reason.

Stage 5 – Testing



Webbiz Consultancy Service Stage 5 - Testing

Following development and on completion of the build, each website is proofread and tested. Our internal proofreader will review each page, paragraph, and sentence thoroughly and correct any typos or grammatical errors found because we all know typos are bad for business and we want your first impression to be a great one. The website is tested for functionality, responsiveness, and performance to ensure that every element of the site meets our high standards and that of our clients.


Stage 6 – Launch



Webbiz Consultancy Service Stage 6 - Launch

Once we are completely satisfied that your site meets our high standards, we are ready for handover to launch it online. As you will have learned in your Discovery consultancy, we are experts are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). What this means is that we ensure that your business is top of the list when it comes to certain key search criteria. We specialise in localisation and getting your business ranking in the top 5 in a google search. The Launch Stage incorporates this fully and ensures that the keyword that your customers are looking for is prominent in your content.

You want to be in control of the content you post? To be in control you need to know how to update your site and change the content as you need to. We provide training to you and other key administrators on how to do this. A comprehensive training session will be scheduled before “hand-over” to teach you how to manage the back end of your site.

Stage 7 – After Care


Webbiz Consultancy Service Stage 7 - After Care

Not everything can be preempted or covered in the pre-launch Training Session, and we know that problems can arise that aren’t always prepared for. At Webbiz we provide an after-care service for all our clients, so if something goes wrong we are always there at the other end of the phone to help you and put it right so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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