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Discovery is the first step on your digital journey

Start at the begining

Discovery is where we take a look at your current digital presence and identify what you to need to change in order to get the results you desire. This need to change is driven by your business’s pain points. You are not alone in feeling these frustrations and discovery will help us understand what is causing them and how to solve them.

Uncover Pain Points

This process is our way of understanding these pain points and uncovering other pain points that you don’t even know exist yet. Together we will answer key questions, brainstorm and reveal your communication needs. By understanding where you need help most, we can create a strategy and a solution for success.

Uncover the issues that holding your business back
Discovery clearly identifies what we are going to fix with a new application or website.

The Discovery Process

We begin with a 15-minute phone call. This phone call is designed to ensure that you are happy with the agencies process and that you are sure you are ready to begin this journey.

As discovery is a form of digital business consultancy, we prefer to break it up into a series of meetings that focus on different parts of the process. The meetings are no more than an hour each and we will to do three to four meetings in total.

Research is key so between meetings we will be taking what was learned and researching what the next steps should be. This way you can relax between meetings and focus on your business.


What happens at our discovery meetings?

Meeting One

This is just the start of the journey. We listen to you and your story. We ask simple questions to get the conversation going. In this meeting, you are introducing us to your business and its needs.

Meeting Two

Its all about your target audience now.

  • Who they are?
  • What do they want?
  • How are you going to give it to them?

We dig deep so we can answer these main questions and figure out the correct way to communicate to your audience.


Meeting Three

Now that we understand who we are targeting we begin to discuss how to achieve that. The focus now shifts to the website or app itself. We look at high level function and what the lead journey for your users will be.

Meeting four

Most of the heavy lifting is completed and at this stage we can speak about the design elements of your project. This is again at a high level but once we are finished here we can put forward an accurate digital solution proposal for your business.

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