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WordPress website development is one of our most popular services, this is because WordPress is one of the most popular web design platforms for designing and building websites. It is used to power nearly 26% of the total number of websites in the world, with more than 50% of the content management system market share. It is fast becoming an extremely popular eCommerce engine too with WooCommerce its eCommerce solution powering just over 20% of the top 1 Million eCommerce stores worldwide.

Great WordPress developers can build responsive websites and blogs that have multi-platform compatibility. We have several years worth of experience on this platform and strongly encourage our clients to use it to build their websites.

A custom timetable that we have created for GymPlus totally manageable by WordPress.

WordPress Web Design

Almost every business needs a website today and one of the best platforms to build a website is WordPress. The framework is search engine friendly and allows us to develop great, cross-platform responsive business websites or blogs in very little time. This is one of the primary advantages of building a site on this platform. You can have your website up and running quickly.

It’s also wonderfully easy to maintain so the website owner can operate it after it’s handed over. As WordPress developers by profession, we are aware of the latest developments in the industry and work to optimise your website to the fullest extent.

WordPress Themes

Off-the-shelf WordPress Themes make for great looking websites, however, when you are looking to scale your business you can come across some issues that why we prefer to design and develop our own themes in-house for each client, it is our way ensuring that each of our clients has bespoke and unique website that truly suits their needs and business goals. We learn about these important goals in discovery which is the first step to any new web design project


WordPress website development SEO

As mentioned before, WordPress is a very search engine friendly platform. The websites powered by this framework are designed to be SEO (Search Engine Optimised) friendly.

When we add to the framework, we make sure that our coding is SEO friendly too. One of the best aspects of WordPress is that every update you add to your website, are added uniformly.

This ensures that the website structure is preserved and systematic and this is very favourable with regards to ranking in search engines. See our post on WordPress SEO for more.


WordPress Training Documentation
WordPress training usually takes less than 30 minutes, however, we offer detailed training documentation so clients can review later.

WordPress Training Documentation

WordPress website development requires technical know-how, and this is not something we expect our clients to know and nor do they need to. Updating and managing your website is an easy skill to learn and we offer WordPress training to our all clients before handover to ensure they are comfortable with the “slightly technical” side of things.

We believe that most owners would find it more convenient and cost-effective if they learn to handle the site and troubleshoot small problems without our assistance. Our WordPress web designers make sure that you have a complete understanding of how your website works.

We are here to help if you need us to too with our WordPress service level agreement.

WordPress Security

WordPress by its open source nature is a brilliant business tool for your company’s or organisation’s website, however the fact that it is “open source” means that hackers could attempt to gain access to the site to send spam links to other sites, or for other more extreme reasons.

It is for this reason we automatically “harden” WordPress which effectively makes it secure against unwanted visitors such hackers.

Every site we build is fully protected with 99.99% of our sites built to date being totally secure, we recommend using Sucuri for further guarantees. We aim to secure the WordPress instance and adhere to the highest standards, and as per official WordPress guidelines.

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WordPress Security

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