Shaping the Future: Top 5 Web Design Trends

Find your Focus with our top Web Design Trends for 2021 and beyond.

Web Design Ireland Trends

In a year of banana bread and hand sanitiser to awkward Zoom meetings and the new iconic quote, “you’re on mute”, it is safe to say we were all left a little frazzled. Nevertheless, we all did our best to make the best out of a bad situation.

With a passion for design, we kept a close eye on the ever-expanding trends that circulate the market. With the help of our team of marketing & design whizz kids we have whisked up a list of web design trends that will shape up the market in 2021.

Let’s dive in and be inspired together.

Here are 5 trends to keep a close eye on for the year ahead:

1- Designing for the Digital Era

Irish people’s reliance on mobile devices is becoming increasingly more evident, with most picking up their phone more than 3 times every waking hour. According to a recent survey from Deloitte, the average user checks their device 50 times daily. However, the mobile revolution is a double-edged sword in that the promise of an always connected, always engaged community has yet to be fully realized.

The phenomenon of customers perusing a store only to go back home and purchase the same product on a desktop is still a common occurrence. However, the behaviour changes that arrived with the Covid-19 pandemic have rushed e-commerce 3 years into the future in the space of a couple of months.

Furthermore, these trends and changes in how people buy goods & services are here to stay post-Covid-19. Studies point out that the complete takeover of Mobile over Desktop e-Commerce will be completed by the end of 2021. Now, more than ever is time to invest in an efficient and mobile-optimized website.

2- The Battle Between Retention & Acquisition

Two words plague the minds of data-driven specialists worldwide. Due to the mobile rush of 2020, the costs of Acquiring new customers through online advertisement have been steadily increasing. The competition has been ramping up and will not stop anytime soon.

It is for this reason we are seeing a significant shift from an Acquisition-focused mindset to a more Retention strategy approach. It is considerably cheaper to keep audiences that are already engaged with your platform coming back for more than to find fresh new consumers to start selling your wares to.

Investments in subscriptions, newsletters, and other products that are tailored towards already-interested customers will only skyrocket from now on. And a savvy business owner knows that it is important to be at the forefront of innovation instead of lagging behind.

3- Riskier & Quicker Design

An image may be worth a thousand words, but a well-optimized file is worth tenfold.

When speaking about web design in Dublin, there is a fine line to the trail: how to be bold, communicate an out-there attitude that peaks an audience’s interest without sacrificing accessibility and faster load times?

B2C companies have always invested in creating impressive visuals attached to their goods – think how Apple, Nike or Samsung present their products, with visual representations and as few words as possible. Now, that trend has finally caught on medium-to-small companies, with the need for high-quality imagery coming once again from our isolated existence in 2020.

This highly visual sales model is doomed if not followed by a top-notch optimization team. Having high-quality art is only half of the battle. The real challenge is making those blockbuster ads load in no-time through mobile connections. That is why optimizing platforms will be such a challenge and opportunity for the next year – a possible opportunity to plug webbiz perhaps?

4- Omnichannel is the Only Channel

Every new Instagram update is a blessing and a curse in one Facebook-owned present. The latest resolution of the social media juggernaut was to pivot its image-based social media towards selling products – a surprise to zero marketers that were expecting this change to creep up for a while now.

The decision is part of the Omnichannel trend – an idea to have a seamless experience across all platforms. With Instagram’s new focus, other platforms will follow suit, and customers no longer need to shift apps/websites once they are online.

This paradigm shift means that having a cool-looking website might not be enough soon. To be where people are, you will need support from a Social Media team.

5- New Forms of Payment

From cryptocurrencies to country-specific payment alternatives, it is mandatory to be able to successfully sell according to your customer’s necessity. Having a payment support team that can easily adapt and evolve will be a massive driven force for companies, and the ones in the lead will have the best seats in the house to what the future holds for e-Commerce.

With Webbiz, your company will always be ready for what the future holds. 2021 will be the perfect year for innovation and evolution, and for that, you need the best in the biz.

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