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We understand the importance of mobilising shopping centre websites


Webbiz have experience with shopping centre website design – namely with the Jervis Shopping Centre (one of Ireland’s busiest and most iconic shopping destinations). Quite a niche sector in this digital age, we understand the importance of mobilising shopping centre websites to drive physical footfall and traffic to the actual bricks and mortar location. Here is how this Dublin web agency can work to make this happen for your shopping centre website too.


Key Elements

Knowing the more unique space that these websites exist in, we have researched and developed some key elements that they should include in order to be successful. With these in place and properly represented, your website visitors can both become empowered by the information given to them while also being enticed to visit your physical location on their next shopping spree. Some of these key elements include:

Pages for Each Store:

Having a page for each store is a great addition of high-quality content while also allowing for the known branding of each brand to be displayed in their own space. Each page can also list the likes of opening hours – making for clear, legible and informative pages.

Commercialisation Section:

It also makes sense to appeal to businesses and brands to rent a store/space in your shopping centre. Having a dedicated commercialisation section facilitates this and highlights where potential tenants should contact – enabling another revenue stream for you.

Easy to Use CMS:

Due to the frequent news, sales, promotions and changes that shopping centres can experience; it makes sense to have an easy to use content management system (CMS) so that these can be implemented quickly and professionally. Webbiz specialises in custom WordPress website design and can train you and your team on how to use this.

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Buyer Behaviour

Understanding the target audience(s) is also crucial to ensure success. As such, Webbiz implements the ROPO principle to tailor the content and overall user experience (UX) of the custom website design in your favour. ROPO stands for research online, purchase offline and can be utilised to sway and persuade website visitors to visit and shop in your real-life location. If someone searches online for a product and/or service that they are interested in purchasing, having your website appear as a venue they can purchase this in is a huge help.

However, ROPO can also occur in reverse – where potential customers research offline and purchase online. In this scenario, they treat a store as an art gallery and merely peruse and perhaps try on a product; before promptly going online to try and buy it for a cheaper price from a different vendor. To counteract this, your website can be used to convey ‘store-only’ deals and offers and can also promote the likes of any exclusives and limited edition products that your tenants may stock. If your shopping centre is also home to any services such as a hairdresser for example, these can be promoted as elements that can only be experienced in person.


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To both keep up to date with the times, trends and the competition; your shopping centre should aim to manage customer expectations by offering them an omni-channel experience. This means that they should receive the same stellar experience from your business whether online or offline and at every touchpoint with your business offering. In this connected world that we live in, there exists a subconscious expectation for things to be seamless – and shopping is no different in this regard.

The omni-channel experience can be achieved by ensuring your website is true to your actual shopping centre and is presented in a way that makes a stellar first impression so that those who interact with it want to become repeat (and loyal) customers of yours. Safe in the knowledge of these omni-channel expectations, Webbiz craft a custom website for you that keeps this in focus while supporting the overall business goals. As an extension of this, did you know that Webbiz can custom design and deploy your very own business app? With this, you have yet another way to reach your customers and potential customers alike with the likes of highly effective push notifications.

Unique Selling Points

While we can’t deny that online shopping is the new normal and shows no signs of slowing down (arguably it is no longer just a trend but a complete paradigm shift); this does not mean that shopping centres have to despair. They still have an abundance of unique selling points (USPs) to promote that the online arena can’t compete with. While business best practice dictates that shopping centres should have a modern and responsive website, business best fit means that it can work to promote its offline attributes (albeit in the online arena). So your physical location does not have to be betrayed just because it is being represented (and possibly first interacted with) online.

Think of your shopping centre website as a branded business vehicle that can be used to promote the USPs of your offering. The likes of free parking, free wi-fi, onsite amenities like restaurants and arcades etc. can all bolster your business by offering elements that the online experience cannot. Our specialist team work to convey this in abundance when designing and deploying your custom website.


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Shopping Centre Website Design

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