Making Shopping Centres an Omni-Channel Experience

Offering cohesive and consistent experience wherever they interact with your brand

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Omni-channel refers to offering customers and potential customers alike the same cohesive and consistent experience wherever they interact with your brand. This could refer to the online and digital space and also in the offline space. Particularly important for shopping centres, developing and deploying an omnichannel strategy is paramount to help convert visitors (of either your shopping centre website or your shopping centre itself) into customers. Here’s why:


Managing Expectations

The first impression of anything is extremely important. So if someone visits your shopping centre in person, you would want them to adore it straightaway – the cleanliness of it, the selection of shops, the access to parking and free wi-fi etc. Likewise, if they first interact with your shopping centre through your website, you want them to be wowed by how quickly and easily they can discover their favourite shops, see opening hours and discover any sales and promotions. So to prevent any let-downs or underwhelming feelings; having a cohesive omni-channel experience can effectively manage customer expectations.



Seamless Shopping

By aligning your website experience with your physical bricks-and-mortar shopping experience, you offer customers a seamless shopping experience. For example, having your list of shops up to date on your website means that customers can research their options online and then purchase their picks offline (ROPO) in your shopping centre. Make sure too to truly represent your physical space with imagery and photography on your website that showcases it in a way that customers will recognise once they experience it offline. Having your online and offline elements working in tandem with one another means that you can genuinely extend the reach of your shopping centre.



Contemporary Competition

You can expect that your competitors are offering their target audience, customers and demographic an omni-channel shopping experience as it is a logical and sensical approach in 2019. To survive and thrive both online and offline, you need to not only match but surpass your competitors in everything you do. By choosing Webbiz to custom design and deploy your website and support your shopping centre with expert content and marketing campaigns; your business will be empowered with wings and sent into orbit. Our experience with this includes Dublin’s famous Jervis shopping centre.


Making Shopping Centres an Omni-Channel Experience

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