The Right Social Media and Online Website Mix

Your Social Media pages are the signals that you send out into the online world


Ever wondered how your Social Media platforms and your Website work hand in hand?

Something that we have remarked as of late, is that a lot of new and existing business owners don’t understand how Social Media management and your website work together to get more traffic and leads to and from one to the other.


Let’s give you the most important info you need to know today, to leverage both to your advantage.

  • When setting up your Social Media pages, ensure that your branding is uniform throughout.
  • Your Facebook page, Twitter business profile and Instagram for Business and most importantly your LinkedIn needs to all be accurately linked to your Website.
  • Your website in turn needs to have ample (not too much) links to your Social Media Pages.
  • This is what we call back-linking in SEO terms – Your links will be seen as authentic links to your properties on other sites.
  • Use your Blog – As you are reading this, you will come to understand that and for the rest of the series of blog posts we have been doing since March giving you the right tips and equipment to ensure digital supremacy online.  Your Blog is one of the most powerful tools that you have in your Marketing arsenal.  You can showcase and establish your thought leadership in your niche market and give me insight into your Brand and how your work is done.


Your Social Media pages are the signals that you send out into the online world to say, hey – check me out and in-turn you are sending massive quantities of traffic back to your site, and from your site to your Social Media.

A few other points where this becomes very important – we’ve summarised them all for you here.

Running competitions on your Website? – Link them to your Social Media pages and send them out

Result:  More social awareness about this, the ability to run paid ads and organic shares and user interaction.

Use social media to drive sales:  Example:  “Claim this offer by clicking the link below and completing the sign up form on our website”.


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