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Social Media Ireland.

If you are running an online business in Ireland today it is necessary to have an effective digital media strategy through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to work in unison with your website. Imagine these social media platforms are extensions of your website reaching out beyond your own website’s natural target audience. Every time you tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook you have a chance to reach a fresh customer base that may not usually visit your website and honestly who doesn’t want more visitors.

So how should you Post or Tweet?

The ideal post is short, concise , includes an image and has a link back to your website. Ensure the image is an eye catching one so it entices you to read the snippet and follow the link to the website. Things are a bit different for a tweet, you only get 140 characters which includes your link back to your website, so keep things really simple and use a link shortener like or to help reduce overall tweet length. Finish every tweet with #hashtags, make them relevant and use # that are trending. Finally don’t forget to add that eye catching image too!

Check out Glenpatrick Water Coolers one of our recent clients integrated twitter account,  they really understand what it means to be social in Ireland.
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Social Media Integration

The next step is to have your social media accounts integrated into your website or enable social sharing directly from your page.  As you can see from they have had their Facebook page integrated by us so visitors can like them straight away. The biggest advantage to having your social media integrated directly to your website is the visitor knows that you are still trading and active in the industry.

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