5 Things Every Startup Needs in 2021

When thinking about startup needs in 2021, you may not exactly know where to start

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What will you need as a startup in 2021? When will you need it? How much will it cost? How will you afford it? In the early stages of a startup, there will most often be more questions than answers. We at Webbiz love to help startups get started in the most beneficial way possible (with a proven track record).

Here are the 5 things we at Webbiz suggest start up businesses in 2021 should have:

startup needs in 2019 first step graphic by webbiz showing with the words take the in black with the words first step in light blue1. Branding

At an early stage, branding is the most important aspect. Using a professional approach to visual aesthetics and cohesive content, you are able to perfectly position your business and brand to remain recognisable from when it starts to how it grows along the years. Branding can extend to many touchpoints – both online and offline formats. Be it from traditional print media like leaflets and business cards to modern digital assets in the form of social media banners and custom icons etc.; there are many instances where your brand identity can and should be present. No matter what you do when starting a business, your branding will have an impact at every step of the way.

Webbiz can help as we have a dedicated branding department that can work with you to discover your goals and design the brand of your dreams. Our specialist team includes copywriters, graphic designers, photographers and more. Imagine the possibilities that are in store for your startup . . .

2. Website

In business there are aspects known as ‘best practice’ and ‘best fit’. Best practice dictates what is basically standard practice for a business – this can be described best as the norm and what is expected. On the other hand, best fit relates to what applies to a business in a more niche sense – existing outside of the remit of best practice. Therefore when we talk of a business having an online website, this is something that comfortably falls into both best practice and best fit principles. Whether you are planning to sell your products and / or services online or not, you will still need a website in 2021 to act as a representation of your business online. This is available 24/7 and filled with information that your customers and potential customers alike will need (contact details, opening hours etc.).

Webbiz can help as we specialise in custom website design that is made with your goals in focus. Whether this be an eCommerce website to sell online, a more visual-based website to showcase what you do – anything at all. Webbiz not only build this for you, but can support it afterwards too.

startup needs in 2019 digital marketing woman smiling and looking at a tablet computer with pink overlay on entire image

3. Digital Marketing

Well done! You have created the greatest product in the world. But wait, why isn’t it selling? Even if you have the greatest product in the world, if nobody knows that it exists, nobody can buy it. Marketing therefore bridges the gap by bringing awareness to and sustaining interest in your business and what it offers.

Mobilising your many channels (website, social media, newsletters etc.) with eye-catching content that is curated for your target audience(s); marketing is a staple in any successful business. In the digital age that we live in now in 2021, distilling the marketing mix into an online format is crucial. As you can probably ascertain at this stage, digital marketing is a whole dedicated branch of a business that can be time-consuming and detailed to execute.

We can help by offering the services of our digital marketing department to your startup to help it grow and prosper. Big brands choose us to assist with their content and digital marketing efforts as we have a proven track record of guaranteed results that generate both leads and sales.

4. Goals

Every startup needs to have a set of goals to aspire to and achieve. Without them, they can be working blindly towards no direction or destination. So it is an important step to stop and consider the goal(s) after you launch your business as well as work on growth and expansion. Some may like to set a goal per phase of their plans i.e. the goal within the first three months of trading may be to make X amount in sales or the goal after six months is to have X amount on your newsletter subscriber list. Having tangible goals in place is also very important when it comes to all of the above points (branding, website and digital marketing) so that they can be crafted to perform properly for your business. We can assure you from our work with startups that having set goals can make all the difference if you are looking to be a successful startup.

We can help by sharing the tried and tested methods which have worked for our other startup clients in terms of generating leads from your website, creating awareness from your branding and gaining a market share from your digital marketing. Your future will look bright with Webbiz on your side.

startup needs in 2019 support image of a table containing a persons hands on a book alongside a glass of water and mobile phones with a blue overlay on the entire image

5. Support

Don’t underestimate the level of support you will need as you start your business. You will need the time and energy to focus on your passion and bringing the dream to life. So spending time dealing with more menial and time-consuming tasks such as website software updates and troubleshooting etc. is not the best use of your efforts when in the growth phase of the business. It therefore makes sense to outsource what you can to firstly free up your time but secondly to remove an abundance of tasks and pain points from your expansive workload. Having this extra time and energy coupled with tasks being completed by your support provider make for a perfect recipe of a successful startup.

We can help as we offer support with absolutely every angle of the custom website that we build and design for you. Webbiz can also look after your digital marketing (either the full suite or just aspects of it) as another way to free up your time with a professional service that will generate leads and sales.


5 Things a Startup Needs in 2021

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