What Are The Advantages Of Using WordPress?

The Top 5 Benefits Of Using WordPress

If you haven’t heard of WordPress already, you must have been living under a rock for the last ten years! WordPress has been the most popular software for blogging for a long time, but did you know that WordPress is also the top choice for non-blogging websites when it comes to a content management system? 

If you’ve started to wonder why WordPress is so popular or why it’s a favourite amongst developers, then take a look at our top 5 benefits for using WordPress for your company’s website.

If you already have a website or you’re looking into starting something fresh, here’s why you should use WordPress or at least consider it for your next website.

WordPress is Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

One of the most appealing things about WordPress is its price and its user-friendly layout. It became a favourite amongst website developers and non-developers alike as it discarded the need to have mastered languages such as HTML, CSS and other complex forms of coding.

When it comes to WordPress you don’t even have to think about coding if you don’t want to.

WordPress is built on templates that you can base your website around, making it simple and easy to use for anybody who doesn’t know how to code. Most are now built with mobile-friendly features and are easy to customise. WordPress is so easy, you don’t have to spend hours learning to code – which means you can concentrate on the other areas of your business.

Alternatively, you can work with a web developer (like us!) who can sort out all the nitty-gritty coding aspects if you are looking for a more custom website with unique features and design.

What also appeals to a lot of business owners is the cost of the system. WordPress design and development usually cost significantly less than the likes of Magento or Drupal.


WordPress Makes Content Management Easy

It’s really simple to upload and publish content when you use WordPress for your website.

New and original content is a must for any company’s website. It helps with SEO (search engine optimisation), marketing and also helps to keep your regular site visitors engaged. With WordPress, it is incredibly easy to update your site’s content and you can do this as frequently as you want to. without the need to go through a series of confusing and complicated steps. Writing content with WordPress is as easy as writing in Microsoft Word, making it accessible for any business.

You can also update your site’s blog design, layout and structure in minutes making it an ideal platform for any business that wants to build credibility in their niche but also keeps their target audience coming back for more.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Search engines love WordPress. It’s as simple as that. Because WordPress is written using simple and constantly high-quality code, search engines like Google find them a lot easier to read, which means your website is more likely going to get closer to that front page.

WordPress sites tend to get into the higher rankings on search engines compared to other sites and this is because WordPress is purposely built to be search engine friendly. SEO components are fully customisable for each page which means you can choose which pages show what details to Google’s bots.

You can also use WordPress SEO plugins to optimise your website even further. These plugins include things like SEO Ultimate, All-In-One-SEO-Pack, Yoast WordPress SEO, etc.

WordPress Gives you Complete Control Over Your Website

A lot of people who use WordPress know little to nothing about web design and most people won’t know a thing about coding. WordPress is built for non-developers to be able to create template-based websites, with advanced customisations available if they team up with a development-savvy team.

WordPress has thousands of free website templates or themes that you can choose from. With all these options to choose from, you’re sure to find a theme that’s right for you. They have themes that will suit all kinds of businesses – whether you run an online store, need a brochure website or even a simple blog.

The themes on WordPress are also easy to customise and a lot of them will give you the options to change the colour scheme too that of your company’s brand colors, upload your logo, change the background, add photos and keep it updated with interesting content. You can do all of this with WordPress without even having to think about coding.

Better yet, WordPress also allows you to install a huge amount of plugins on your website. These plugins can add advanced features to your site like contact forms, membership sections, analytics and so much more!

WordPress is Easy to Manage

When it comes to managing your website, WordPress makes it incredibly easy. It comes with a management system already built-in which allows you to update your theme and plugins from your WordPress dashboard – helping to keep your site secure.

You can even manage your WordPress site from a mobile app so you can have constant access to the back end of your site.

When you need to update your site’s plugins, WordPress will notify you via email when the new version is ready to install. The best part? All you have to do is click a button. This makes it incredibly easy for you and your business to keep your site’s backend updated and as secure as possible.


If you’re concerned about your data being erased or stolen, you can easily download security plugins for WordPress and backup plugins that will automatically create new backups and store them safely away.

We hope our top five benefits of using WordPress have helped you figure out if it’s the right platform to use for building your website. If you’re still confused or if you have any questions click here to contact us!


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