A Walk in Their Shoes: 65,000 Steps for 65 Roses Day

The Webbiz team set themselves the challenge with the hope of raising some much-needed funds.  

65,000 Steps for 65 Roses Day

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is an inherited multiorgan disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. It affects approximately 1,300 Irish children and adults. With 25 new cases diagnosed each year, Ireland currently has the highest incidence of CF in the world.

Cystic Fibrosis Ireland (CFI) a voluntary organization set up 57 years ago by parents, provides advocacy, services, and supports to the CF community in Ireland. With the current global pandemic charities now more than ever need our help, national events or big fundraisers such as 65 Roses Day have had to go virtual. Living in a “connected” world where everything is switched on has allowed for awareness to be heightened through the use of digital campaigns.

In light of that, The Webbiz team set themselves the challenge of walking 65,000 steps for 65 Roses Day with the hope of generating some awareness and raising some much-needed funds.

Webbiz way of Giving Back

People centricity is at the core of what we do and working together is how we get it done. The impact of CF varies from person to person, however, the challenge it poses in their everyday lives is inevitable. Inspired by the obstacles faced by someone with CF and the work of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, Webbiz wants to support them by raising money as part of our participation in the 65 Roses Challenge.
When deciding on how we would raise the awareness and funds we wanted to make sure that

  1. It was a team effort
  2. With the constraint of working from home, we wanted to use the opportunity to get active and try instilling the importance of exercise in our current situations

On April 9th team Webbiz took a walk in the shoes of those suffering from CF, who climb mountains in their everyday lives. A huge shout out to our team but a special thanks to everyone who has donated.

To achieve our goal of 65,000 steps we completed a 15km run, 9km, 10km & 5km walk.

Let’s work to achieve your goals together.

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